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Why did the chicken cross the Mobius strip?
To get to the same side. BAZINGA! :shay::lol:                Dead or Alive
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“Two things are infinite:
  the universe and human stupidity;
  and I'm not sure about the universe.”

― Albert Einstein :tm2_doctor:

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Exciting Chemistry Awesome Professor: :fishy: Martyn Poliakoff
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.Purpur ▵ᐂ▵ Weltschmerz. May 2, 2018 @ 5:20pm 
"I'll tell you how I feel about school, Jerry: it's a waste of time. Bunch of people runnin' around bumpin' into each other, got a guy up front says, '2 + 2,' and the people in the back say, '4.' Then the bell rings and they give you a carton of milk and a piece of paper that says you can go take a dump or somethin'. I mean, it's not a place for smart people, Jerry. I know that's not a popular opinion, but that's my two cents on the issue." :rick:
.Purpur ▵ᐂ▵ Weltschmerz. Oct 12, 2017 @ 11:21pm 
"Feynman, Einstein and Schrödinger walk into a bar. Feynman says, “It appears we’re inside a joke.” Einstein replies, “But only to an observer who saw us walk in simultaneously.” To which Schrödinger says, “If someone’s looking in the window, I’m leaving.” :shay:
.Purpur ▵ᐂ▵ Weltschmerz. May 8, 2015 @ 12:29pm 
"That's my spot!" :shay: