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PsychoDriveBy Jun 8 @ 6:49pm 
@ GG at the woods in between Lawson Station and Godard Docks! We got five kills there, two were mine and two assists. It was a fun fight, one thing I noticed is that it was about a 30 second run from any compound and the team we had just wiped also had a [SWMG] on their team. Surely, you weren't pre-teaming with an Avto in your hands, right? Anyways, I did not lose anything, it was a free hunter and I only died once, when I Romero'd you and you Avto'd me, so my KD went up! Check out my Hunt guides! (He deleted his comment)
MisterCeifa Jun 8 @ 10:58am 
Nice gameplay hunt
PsychoDriveBy May 29 @ 4:37pm 
@ttv/totallynotgayge You say mans still going, when you are the one who followed me to my page to talk trash because you lost. Yeah, link me the Rachta video where he covers every single melee in the game, maybe you'll be 1 out of 3 for proving me wrong. Laughing up my sleeve? Who says something like that? Oh, wait, you're a VTuber Cat Boy.
PsychoDriveBy May 29 @ 3:28pm 
@ttv/totallynotgayge You did not say it on stream right after, I watched up until the next match. Cherry picking is claiming that a 3-minute video on the best melee tool is a melee guide. Is it not riding a high horse losing and then running to a profile to trash talk the player's strategy? I'm sure your viewer count is that low because you're a bad sport. Who wants to watch somebody cry about how they lost? You're overwhelmed with contradictions, like you saying I'm still going, but here you are still responding. My guides aren't about being the best, most all of them are data-driven guides providing information that the game does not. You claim I'm obsessed, but I'm just calling out a liar, you were the one who tracked me down because I wiped your team. Now you've changed your no ammo statement, to out of useful ammo hahaha. Keep it going, catboy.
ttv/totallynotgayge May 29 @ 10:33am 
Mans is STILL GOING LOL. I did rescind my cheating statement literally right after I said it, and I had dragon's breath in my spectre which, as Im sure you know, can't wall bang and is useless past 12 meters. So yes, I was out of USEFUL ammo and I amended my cheating statement. But again, you can just cherry pick info from my stream and try to ride your high horse. My stream is there to be a mix of entertainment with my homies and my skill at the game. Watch Rachta if you wanna see the best Hunt player, watch me if you want a silly goofy time. Also, Rachta does have a melee guide in his guides playlist. Why read your guides when you can watch the best Hunt player for any info you need about the game? That's like looking at flat earther data about Earth when you can read something from NASA lmfao. This has been fun tho, you're mad obsessed with the timestamping of my stream and keeping it going lmao.
PsychoDriveBy May 29 @ 5:37am 
@ttv/totallynotgayge Hahaha, ratting while fighting a team is different than ratting while fighting a team? You act like just because I was wallbanging I was not fighting the enemy team. We still had more kills than your trio as a duo. They were flanking both of our teams, we were killing them from the second floor, which is why I was not prepared for your necro-revives. Also, you have never addressed the two lies you spewed; no ammo and that you rescinded your cheating comment against me. You keep talking to an audience while having a one-on-one conversation with me, you alright? You can have that opinion on my guides, but Rachta Z does not have a melee guide, the map he would recommend has been shut down due to lack of funding, and the guide I'm working on has not been covered by him either. Speaking of that, what you say about my guides could be said about your cat-boy stream, why would they watch you when they could just watch Rachta Z stream? hahaha