þrð†3¢†ðr |ZEC|
<-- me x)   Podebrady, Nymburk, Czech Republic
My life = music, games, anime, memes, movies and other stuff that kills. -
Anime <3 Official member of ZEC :takemewithyou: since April 2015 <3 ♪ ♫ Hardstyle, Frenchcore, D'n'B ♪ ♫ <3 Zombie Records [zombierecords.co.uk]


Music is my life <3 -------------- Birthday on 30th of November


"If you'd like to be a jitter bug,
First thing you must do is get a jug,
Put whiskey, wine and gin within,
And shake it all up and then begin.
Grab a cup and start to toss,
You are drinking jitter sauce!
Don't you worry, you just mug,
And then you'll be a jitter bug!"

Battlenet: Prot3ctor #2565

Music Genres Im interested in (random order):
Trap, Hands Up, Jump Up, Hardtekk, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Frenchcore, Electro house, Dutch, Bounce, Dubstep, Melbourne Bounce, Rock, Swing, Electro Swing, EDM, Dance, Progressive, Chillhouse, Chilstep

My TOP Favourite DJ's & Artists (random order):
Macky Gee, Angerfist, Spinus, Flume, TJR, DOPEDROP, Spag Heddy, XYconstant, Kygo, Timmy Trumpet, Dirty Palm, DJ BL3ND, KSHMR, Alfons, Alan Walker, Aronchupa, U2, Snow Patrol, Billx, Darktek, Vortek's, Uberjackd, Joel Fletcher, Will Sparks and much fucking more :D

Good vid about EDM

Life is good, very, VERY Goooood ... *click* "Noice!" :DDD
Currently In-Game
Team Fortress 2
Extra stuff about me, my life & gaming
Trade link
5.-9. 7. 2017 - Electric Love Festival 2017 @Salzburgring, Salzburg ✔
3.11. 2017 - Drop That Autumn Madness 2017 @Warehouse location, Prague ✔
5.1. 2018 - Macky Gee in Prague @Storm Club Prague ✔
23.2. 2018 - Angerfist, Furian in Prague @Storm Club Prague ✔
7.4. 2018 - Dr. Peacock in Prague @Storm Club Prague ✔
14.4. 2018 - Pegboard Nerds @Storm Club Prague ✔
4.-8. 7. 2018 - Electric Love Festival 2018 @Salzburgring, Salzburg
14.9. 2018 - Sefa, Sickest Squad @Storm Club, Prague

"If you game together, you stay together." <3
"Not making a decision is a BIG decision."
"The world used to be a bigger place X The world is still the same...there's just less in it."
"A woman's jealousy is deeper than a sea."
"A vy jste byl ve válce? Ne, my Češi neválčíme." - Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále.
"Let me simplify this for you. Kick some ass, get the girl, and try to look dope while you're doing it."
"Without sacrifice, there can be no victory."
"You'll see...after a while you start to measure it by the size of the pile of destruction arouund you. You've gotta break it down to build it back up." - Handsome Jack (Tails from the Borderlands)
"It is a synthetic and it makes you love everybody. It's called XTC. Now who doesn't want to take XTC?" "I've taken MDMA over 100x for the past 20 years. I feel FINE."

Official member of ZEC :takemewithyou: since 2015

Most favourite anime is: Monogatari series

Skype: Petr Vilímek (Prot3ctor)
Instagram [www.instagram.com]

Highly dedicated high-round zombie player

Prologue - 21
Final Reich - 49 solo
Groesten Haus - 28 solo
Survivalist 5/5
BAT Agent 5/5
Assasin 5/5
Hunter 3/5 - left E
Mountaineer 2/5 - done first room 20 + 20 no downs
BAT Elite - 4/5 - by round 16 left

BO 3
SOE solo 175 PC WR 19/2/2017 -- 2 players 73 first try
TG solo 87 -- 2 players 61 fail 1st try
DE solo 139 5th try -- 2 players
ZNS solo 131 (& 123,115,108,106) -- 2 players 90 flawless DC first try
GK solo 115 suicide -- 2 players 101 PC WR 24/3/2017 (Game Crash)
Revelations solo 174 Game Crash -- 2 players 135 flawless (Error)
Revelations 3 players 93 flawless PC WR 11/3/2017 (Error) --- 4 players 73 PC WR 25/3/2017 (DC)
Revelations first room solo 25 first try (classic gs) -- 2 players 60 suicide
NDU - first try first room 83
SNN - first try first room 50
Verruckt - first try first room 57
Ascension - first try classic gs 116 fail
Moon - first try classic gs 83 fail
Origins - first try 135


Black Hill Zone solo 84 1st try

BO 2
Farm solo 56 -- 2 players 50 and 51 suicide -- 3 players 45 suicide
Bus Depot 4 players 43 PC WR (suicide)
Town solo 52 -- 4 players 46 PC WR (suicide)
Die Rise solo 101 -- 2 players 63 G Spawn Error -- 3 players 56 -- solo No Power 88 PC WR (all consoles #2)
Buried solo 84 -- 2 players 40 double flawless dc
Mob of the Dead solo 68 -- 2 players 55 suicide --- 4 players 40 suicide
Origins solo 109 -- 2 players 90 suicide

BO 1
Kino Der Toten solo 127 -- 2 players 59 dc -- 4 players 45 suicide WR FOR ALL PLATFORMS 25.4.2017
Five solo 48 -- 4 pl 42 suicide
DOA solo 21
Ascension solo 94 -- 2 players 75 - suicide
Call of the Dead solo 58 - flawless -- 2 players 50
Shangri La 2 players 45
Moon 2 players 49
Nacht Der Untoten solo 50 -- 4 players 32
Verruckt solo 108 -- 4 players 32 dc
Der Riese solo 111 suicide -- 2 players 65 suicide

Nacht Der Untoten solo 59
Verruckt solo 54 -- Verruckt No Jug solo 37 JOINT WR
Shi No Numa No Jug 114 WR
Der Riese solo 49

Cryogenic solo 141 WR G Spawn Error (bo zombies count)
Thunder's Box Map solo 101 -- 2 players 59 -- 3 players 50 suicide -- 4 players 46 1 quit (125% of bo zombies count)
Lavender Town (beta version) solo 81 WR (bo zombies count)
Cryogenic 2 players 60 - G Spawn Error (bo zombies count)
Legion solo 62 game crash (125% of bo zombies count)
Dead Ship solo 54 WR (bo zombies count)
Solo's Farm solo 51 - suicide (bo zombies count)
yaw_pokemon 2 players 51 WR end game (bo zombies count)
nazi_zombie_subway solo 51 suicide (24 zombs/round)
nazi_zombie_box solo 48 WR (bo zombies count)
Quizz solo 45 WR (bo zombies count)
Cheese Cube v1 by Zk solo 43 WR (bo zombies count)
Hijacked solo 42 (bo zombies count)
Cheese Cube Unlimited solo 37 G Spawn Error (bo zombies count)
Crash solo 30 end game (bo zombies count)
Death solo 6 (500+% of bo zombies count - yup, 80+ zombies on round 1 and so on)
Trapped 3 players 1 HOUR 15 MINUTES in a row - suicide (bo zombies count)

Longest game - Shadows of Evil 175 - played 24 hours without breaks, lobby time 47 hours
Most Kills - 138677 - Revelations 171 solo
Mostly proud of - Verruckt solo 108, ZNS 131, SOE 175
Most flawless rounds - 156 (SOE 175)
Most favourite maps: Der Riese, Die Rise, Origins, Gorod Krovi, Zetsubou No Shima
Most favourite CS player: Braxton "Swag" Pierce, Stewie2K

Born 30th of November

Music Genres Im interested in:
Electro house, Dutch, Bounce, Dubstep, Melbourne Bounce, Rock, Swing, Electro Swing, EDM, Dance, Progressive, Chillhouse, Chilstep, Trap, Hands Up, Jump Up, Hardtekk

My TOP Favourite DJ's & Artists:
Robin Schulz, Flume, Parov Stellar, TJR, DOPEDROP, Spag Heddy, XYconstant, Kygo, Timmy Trumpet, Dirty Palm, DJ BL3ND, Alan Walker, Aronchupa, U2, Snow Patrol, Billx, Darktek, Vortek's, Uberjackd, Joel Fletcher, Will Sparks and much fucking more :D

Life is good, very, VERY Goooood ... *click* "Noice!" :DDD

Knifes and Expensive shit:
Stattrak Gut Knife Crimson Web MW
Stattrak AWP Hyper Beast FN
Flip Knife Tiger Tooth FN
AK-47 Fire Serpent FT
Butterfly Knife Blue Steel MW
Bayonet Rust Coat BS
M4A4 Poseidon MW
Flip Knife Damascus Steel FT
Gut Knife Blue Steel FT
Flip Knife Urban Masked MW
Huntsman Knife Forest DDPAT W
Stattrak Gut Knife Doppler FN P3
Karambit Damascut Steel FT
Bayonet Doppler FN P3
Butterfly Slaughter MW Diamond Pattern (had to cash out)
M9 Bayonet Crimson Web FT
Bayonet Crimson Web FT


TV Series I watch/have watched (all the existing episodes):
Siren, Shameless; Banshee; Penny Dreadful; Vikings; The 100; Game of Thrones; The Walking Dead; iZombie; 13 Reasons Why; Into the Badlands; Lucifer; Flash, Arrow; Legends of Tomorow; Nikita; The Originals; The Vampire Diaries;
Screenshot Showcase
GG Shadows of Evil ROUND 175 ***PC WORLD RECORD*** [no flags & no tradeouts; downs: 156, 172, 172, 175, 175][played: 17/2/2017-19/2/2017]
62 26 2
Review Showcase
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is the 12th CoD game to ever be released and 4th (after World at War in 2008, Black Ops 1 in 2010 & Black Ops 2 in 2012) of the 3arc cycle released in November 2015. Since it's the game developed by treyarch, Black Ops 3 is seperated into 3 different game modes - Campaign, Zombies & Multiplayer.

Campaign is starting off rather cruelly - in the first mission you lose all of your limbs fighting a much stronger robots which straight into the year 2065 full of cybernetic abilities and upgrades. You and your team fight off some bad gays like always, get betrayed as always and win with some sacrifices in the end (as always).

Multiplayer is as any usual multiplayer before, set all in maps in 2065, having to choose from up to 10 classes, each having different ability. These abilities are all class-specific (except for Blackjack), you level up as usual, sometimes get dropped cryptokeys, of which when you have enough, you can open supply drops in the Blackmarket which can drop you a certain camos and skins to customize your characters. It can also drop you a very rare (Legendary) weapons themselves, which are the ones you will want ;p

Zombies is as always mostly targeted for coop gameplay but solo is not restricted. There are 6 maps (with all DLCs so far up to 23.5.2017 on PC).
- Shadows of Evil - it's set at the same time as Mob of the Dead from Black Ops 2 with futuristic weapons and first apperance of a new weapon - Apothicon Servant, a tactical - Lil' Arnies (same as monkey bombs but squid-ish) and boss called Margwa - it has three heads, only one opens at the time and you have 3-5 secs to shoot it, only after you kill its all 3 heads, the boss is going to die, there is also a secret bug with Civil protector but I won't spoil it too much.
- The Giant - it's a remake of Der Riese from World at War and Black Ops 1 having futuristic weapons only with the return of Wunderwaffe DG-2 and hellhound rounds.
- Der Eisendrache - it's a map situated in a castle set high in the mountains, returning hellhound rounds and Panzer Soldat - boss which first appeared in Origins in Black Ops 2. As in Origins, here you have 4 elemental weapons but this time they are Bows - Storm, Wolf, Void and Fire. They have their own strengths and weaknesses as staffs from Origins but over-all Storm and Wolf are the best. And also first appearance of a new special weapon ragnarok DG-4.
- Zetsubou No Shima - it's a map situated on a stand-alone island near Japan with the first appearance of Spiders. they have their own special round as hellhounds and also like on The Giant, they spawn during the rounds 20+. here is also a first apperance of few specific guns but most importantly a weapon called KT-4 and a special weapon Skull which can make instakill zombies or temporary make zombies ignore you.
- Gorod krovi - it's a map situated in destroyed Stalingrad by war & dragons (YUP, DRAGONS!) in Russia with an appearance of old-school guns like MG-42 or PPSH. And a first appearance of a weapon called Ray Gun Mark 3.
- Revelations - it's map situated after a one bad guy destroy the worlds and splits the Eearth into tiny islands, most of the islands which are avaible to play on are remakes of older maps (for example: Shangri-La, Nacht Der Untoten or Verruckt) with a return of old weapon Thundergun.
ALL OF THE ZOMBIE MAPS have some background to them, some easter eggs which joins them together and other maps and have a nice experience to play on. I'm a high round player so I can tell you that getting here 100+ on any map is much easier than before.

I don't really care about Campaign but Multiplayer is okay and Zombies are my all-the-time favourite so I
Favorite Group
     Call |ZEC| when the dead wont die!
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