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in love with my dearest boyfriend:revheart:

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Age: Secret

Status: Relationship With Boyfriend

¸¸.•´ ¸.•*´¨) ☆.(¯`•.•´¯).☆ (¨'*•.¸´•.¸¸
(¸.•´ (¸.•` ☆ ¤º.`•.¸.•´.º¤ ☆`•.¸)´•.¸.)

Nice to meet u~o(∩_∩)o

My favorite cartoon is My Little Pony.

I like to play RPG games, especially MMORPG

Favorite flower is lily of course✿

I have a life outside of steam, if because some reason can't login few days or few weeks, hope you are still my friends when I come back (◕‿◕。)

Mostly I would spend my own money for the games I want, thus, feeling quite appreciated and being thankful though, sending me gifts isn't that necessary ♥

@Kathy: My lovely Sister <3<3<3 I really enjoy gaming and talking with you^_^ you always so sweet and friendly to me ❤

@Alice: You are welcome♥ Hope you like your chinese name!

@Linda: Thank you for putting me on your pages, you are my best sister and co-op buddy too, xoxo!


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Owner in Lily's Friends Group ♫

Officer in Girls Team (Only) Group ♫

Officer in RoyalLadies Group ♫

Officer in Left4Dead Girls Team Group ♫

Officer in Lindas friend Group ♫

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Officer in Female Fatal ♀ ♫

Officer in Foxy Girls ♫

Thanks for visiting ♥

My best friend and sister is °Fatema ♥
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Even this game out at 2006, but still worth to play today~

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This is my secret group♥ Only invite the best friends to join♥
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Miss Lily how are you doing? :Heartyou:
I hope everything is alright with you and you dont get that stupid coronavirus :o
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