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Amnesia: Rebirth is a direct sequel to The Dark Descent. Unlike A Machine for Pigs, it has stronger ties to the original game, although you won't be in the same setting, or playing as the original protagonist.

Instead, you play as Tasi, a plane crash survivor that sets out to look for her missing crewmembers, in the deserts of Algeria. If you know the story of the Dark Descent, you'll know why that's quite exciting.
I will refrain from talking about the more interesting aspects of the narrative in this game, because there are a lot of really cool things at play here that are best discovered if you play the game blind.

Rebirth is similar to TDD in a lot of ways, however very different at the same time. Like the developers' previous game, SOMA, Rebirth is filled with a lot more narration by your character. She will voice her thoughts, and comment on notes after you have read them. All with fantastic voice acting.

Because of this, I found that there wasn't a constant feel of existential dread like in TDD, but that tradeoff comes with a very intriguing story. There are some beautiful environments, intriguing concepts, and an overarching story that kept me on the edge of my seat. TDD had a great story too, but it did manage to scare me just a smidge more.

That's not to downplay Rebirth's horror sections. In between comforting areas filled with warm sunlight, you will be hunted, and chased by creepy monsters. The designers did a great job at constantly playing with your expectations of when they will appear, and tricking you into undesirable positions. And the sound design helps bring it all to life in a terrifying way.

There's an additional option to lie down on the ground, which makes you even more hidden. It makes for some really creepy moments, when you can just see the monster's legs walking on the other side of a desk you're behind.

Like in TDD, you have a lantern that can be filled with oil, as well as a match that can be lit for a smaller radius of lighting. While the match burns, you can light a few other environmental lamps, which removes the need to use 100 tinderboxes per room, if you're clever with your match usage.

The game does a great job at rewarding you for thoroughly investigating rooms. Items are hidden in very interesting spots, covered in other junk, and it helps make the place feel real, like it was lived in.

Puzzles are still a thing in this game, and I found them to be overall very clever. They're not too hard, and not too easy. You have to think outside the box just enough to have you scratch your head for a bit, only to get a satisfying feeling of accomplishment after you figure it out.

The only slight downfall of the game is from a technical point of view. Sometimes the graphics look a bit dated, and there are limited FPS and Audio options. But those are very miniscule complaints.

Overall, I think it's a great sequel, with just the right amount of familiarity, while at the same time bringing loads of really cool concepts to the game. There are tons of great surprises that I didn't want to showcase, so if you like the idea of a horror game that's heavy on narrative, with some superb voice acting and setpieces, I highly recommend playing Rebirth.
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