Andrew   Mishawaka, Indiana, United States

Huge gamer and LEGO collector.

My favorite games are: The Little Big Planet series, the Monster Hunter series, the Elder Scrolls series, and the Quest for Glory series by Sierra (up until the last one.. the last one sucked).


I do not accept add requests from level zero profiles. The bare minimum level I will accept is level four (4).

Also if you are about to add me to mooch TF2 items off of me. DON'T.

Unless you're going to offer _REAL_ cash, or unless you're a Valve Employee and can verify that claim. I am getting sick of people adding me randomly for this sake. I do not trade to people I do not know.

My Reddit (may contain NSFW stuff, you've been warned!).
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This comment is for the steam badge.
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Steam wants me to do this so I can earn a badge. Monkey See, Monkey Do.
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Merry Christmas! & Happy New Year! :spirallove:
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