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This is less of a review and more a list of observations that ANY IDIOT can make about a game. Hence any idiot can make these observations, let me be the first idiot to put them in a list.

TL;DR: This game is MASSIVELY overpriced for a 2D Sidescrolling platform adventure WITHOUT all the flaw it has. If this game was perfect in what it was trying to achieve, it would still not be worth this much.

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I have played this game for 1 hour.
1 Hour of gamplay better spent maybe:
- 1/18th of the way through Alien: Isolation
- Waiting for Blood Moon to pass in 7D2D
- Two Games of Dead By Daylight
- Played and Finished Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom
- Played and Finished Double Dragon

Instead of my usual pros and cons list, lets list WHY, I couldn't complete the first level within 1 hour.

-Every time I try to jump over an object my sweaty ballsack sticks to EVERY object and prevents me from jumping over. Dead zombies, tombstones, tree stumps, platforms a little higher than the last one. WHY DO I KEEP STICKING TO ALL THE OBJECTS?
Suggestion: Make the tombstones background features, they signify where the zombies are spawning, that's enough. As for the actual hitbox of the objects and the characters, use hitboxes that hug the object, not the rectangle hitboxes as thats one of the reasons things stick SO MUCH on collisions.

- Why do I have to choose between weapons? Or try an avoid weapon pickups so much? WHY would I trade my gun that one hit kills zombies for a rock that requires 2 hits? Or a grenade that 1 hit kills but will probably blow me up as well as I can't tell where the throw arc is going to make it land? Why does it have to replace my weapon??
Suggestion: Instead of making your character only have 1 weapon that you have to sacrifice when you pick anything else up, making it so that when you scroll or press... idk "E" or "R" it cycles through the weapons you've picked up! Rocks are absolute trash compared to gun so why would I pick it up?

- Why is it when I touch a zombie as it spawns, it proceeds to take chunks out of my health, yet when I shoot it as it's spawning I can't kill it? Psh talk about double standards.

- Health, health pickups are VERY minimal. And if shot they disappear. The being shot one makes sense, but with the amount of health supplied, might as well shoot it.

- When you respawn after dying, your bullets ARE NOT reset, BUT the zombies ARE reset and will respawn. If the number of bullets are accounted for while making the level, the developer obviously didn't account for me dying so much to the other flaws the game has.
Suggestion: Use save points to save the game data, when the player dies, pull the data from the save point and reimburse the player with the same amount of bullets they had when passing through the save.

- When you hold down the shoot button for a millisecond too long, the shooting gets STUCK. And I'm not the only person that's had this problem so it's not Sticky Keys. This will continue to fire until you do SOMETHING about it, Idk what i do but I slam my keyboard with all the buttons required for the game to make it STOP.
Suggestion: Fix this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ bug.

- Checkpoints. I spent my first 10 minutes trying to find the first checkpoint. After hitting the first checkpoint the second one was literally 4 stone throws away from the first. WHY IS IT SO BADLY SPACED APART???

Overall, this game is NOT anything that should be remotely in the region of £11.39 and is more suited to the £3.99 maximum these crappy platformers tend to be. ACTUALLY, it should be released for a lot less as it's super broken, still raw in the middle.
Fix your game, and maybe I'll buy this game again and give it a second chance.



Dev Update
"Trying to make a game that any streamer will be able to pass the first level without crying:

Modified main character collider. Now it's smaller so it's more easy to jump and to avoid enemies ... I hope ,,,"

Good job on the physics, but the rest of the flaws still remain.

Secondly, I don't remember asking for an easier game, I remember asking you to fix your game. <3
"You'll get your rent when you fix this damn door!". ~ Bully Maguire <3
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