Griffith did nothing wrong
GRIFFITH!   Tokyo, Japan
Garfield hates Mondays, because he has to persist on leftovers rather than freshly-made lasagna. Garfield, you are one funny cat.
There are no Dagoth Ur quotes below here.

SIKE. It's ALL Dagoth Ur quotes!

Come Nerevar, friend or traitor, come. Come and look upon the Heart and Akulakahn, and bring Wraithguard; I have need of it. Come to the Heart chamber: I wait for you there, where we last met, countless ages ago. Come to me through fire and war, I welcome you!
Welcome Moon-and-Star, I have prepared a place for you! Come, bring Wraithguard to the Heart chamber; together, let us free the cursed false gods!
Welcome Nerevar, together we shall speak for the law and the land and drive the mongrel dogs of the Empire from Morrowind!
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Apply force when necessary
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BabyFawnLegs Mar 12 @ 1:55am 
Understandable. I acted in error. Hup~! *does lara croft swan dive through plate glass window and falls 18 storeys into an open sewer*
Griffith did nothing wrong Mar 12 @ 1:51am 
but i already ate my ionizing radioactive uranium bran flakes this morning, mom, jeez :(
BabyFawnLegs Mar 12 @ 1:48am 
hay gurl u wanpt this pellet of ionising radioactive caesgium-197 i found when i was do8gn laudry? hagh ha 2 late *chews on it liek that cat that eats icecubes and bloas up like an 8x8 mibecrapft dinomigte explfosion*
BabyFawnLegs Feb 17 @ 7:00pm 
did you know thegyre adding train crapshes to fortnite this quarter? google casey jones penis explosion for more information
Griffith did nothing wrong Feb 17 @ 6:58pm 
don't look up july 9, 1918 in google please i'm jsut i can't ,,
BabyFawnLegs Feb 17 @ 6:57pm 
they all said that fawn was too chicken to work the controls but a 9/11 worth of plane crashes later and and guess whajt? :clap: SHE GAWT IT :clap: SHE GAWT IT :clap: