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Can merc HL med up to high
If I don't know you, or I haven't played any games with you, I won't add you.
Also don't add me for trades. If you need something write a comment and depending on the situation I will add you as friend. Writing "added for trade" is not enough - like I said I don't add for trades, maybe write more about which item you want and what you would pay for it.

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Be aware of scammers, to tell if the profile is really my profile:

✅ Steam Level 50 or above
✅ Multiple ETF2L and UGC medals in the inventory
✅ Same background as in the Artwork Showcase
✅ Item Showcase with multiple medic items including Sunbeams Maddendoktor and a Brush with
      Death #75
✅ Steam ID Jack_5515 (open steamcommunity.com/id/Jack_5515) - but always Steamname Jack
✅ Over 4500 hours in TF2, over 1000 of those on med
✅ Over 8500 trades made


Expected automated accept of the trade? If there is no flash icon it is not automated. This is likely due to (security) updates of the server.

Next scheduled (security) update:

Between 16.07.2018 22:00 CEST and 17.07.2018 06:00 CEST

After an update the trading bot has to be restarted manually, meaning expect no automatic accept if there is no flash icon.


For prices check my http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198092238060 page

If you don't find something in my backpack it could be here: https://marketplace.tf/shop/jack_5515

Items listed on backpack.tf should be accepted automatically if the correct amount of metal is in the trade offer.

Don't add me for trading - If you need something write a comment and depending on the situation I will accept your friend request.

I won't accept escrow offers without a huge overpay.

Also if you want to buy one of the painted hats I sell. I accept item overpay. But overpay means that you pay more in item worth than the price of my item. Paints, strange parts and so on do add value, but I don't take the backpack.tf price.


If you want to check out my TF2 Log Combiner (for logs.tf) or my demo archiver:
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Jack Jul 12 @ 1:23pm 
@lalelulilo - When you have 90 keys also just a comment is enough, I will get the item from marketplace and send you an offer
Jack Jul 12 @ 11:31am 
@lalelulilo - Thanks for the offer, but the Frostbite Front Runner wouldn't be enough alone, additionally it is duped, meaning reselling is more difficult
Jack Jun 30 @ 4:09pm 
@Broccli - I won't go lower than 30 keys for a fast trade
Broccli Jun 30 @ 3:17pm 
If i sold it could I bring down the price to 29 for the slo poke?
Jack Jun 30 @ 10:51am 
@Broccli - Hey I seems like you wanted to offer your unusual Airdog, but I am not fond of that unusual and you don't seem to have any other items of enough worth, so sorry but I am not interested
FoxC Jun 29 @ 5:51pm 
:snikblack::snikblack::snikblack::snikblack::snikblack::snikblack::snikblack: You are here :epiwink: