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Can merc HL med up to high
If I don't know you, or I haven't played any games with you, I most likely won't add you (unless I see a ton of common friends).
Also don't add me for trading. Should a problem ever exist with trading (or my trading bot), please leave a comment and then I will accept the add.
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Look it is animated :v
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Be aware of scammers, to tell if the profile is really my profile:

✅ Steam Level 70 or above
✅ Multiple ETF2L and UGC medals in the inventory
✅ Same background as in the Artwork Showcase
✅ Item Showcase with multiple medic items including Sunbeams Maddendoktor and a Brush with
      Death #75
✅ Steam ID Jack_5515 (open steamcommunity.com/id/Jack_5515) - but always Steamname Jack
✅ Over 6500 hours in TF2, over 1500 of those on med
✅ Over 9000 trades made

You found no item in my inventory which interested you? Most of my trading has been moved to a seperate bot account: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198805251421

You can go there if you are looking for painted / spelled items or items with strange parts.


Expected automated accept of the trade? If there is no flash icon it is not automated. This is likely due to (security) updates of the server.

Next scheduled (security) update:



For prices check my http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198092238060 page

Items listed on backpack.tf should be accepted automatically if the correct amount of metal is in the trade offer.

Don't add me for trading - If you need something write a comment and depending on the situation I will accept your friend request.

I won't accept escrow offers without a huge overpay.

Also if you want to buy one of the painted hats I sell. I accept item overpay. But overpay means that you pay more in item worth than the price of my item. Paints, strange parts and so on do add value, but I don't take the backpack.tf price.

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Feel free to check out my public Projects:

Related to competitive:

• Online log combiner (directly on logs.tf) - https://github.com/NetroScript/Jacks-LogsTF-On-Page-Combiner/
• Old offline python log combiner (has less features) - https://github.com/NetroScript/Jacks-TF2LogCombiner
• Compress and store Demos automatically - https://github.com/NetroScript/TF2-Demo-Archiver


Related to trading:

• Additions (like sorting, skin search, decorated weapon premium search, ...) for backpack.tf - https://github.com/NetroScript/backpack.tf-miscellaneous-extensions
• Add links to other sites (Backpack Classifieds, Premium Search, Marketplace.tf, ...) to items on scrap.tf - https://github.com/NetroScript/scrap.tf-item-information
• Small Calculator (considering store commission) and average prices for marketplace.tf - https://github.com/NetroScript/Marketplace.tf-Price-Calculator


Miscellaneous stuff:

• Statistics for your history of Valve Casual or Competitive Games - https://github.com/NetroScript/TeamFortressMatchHistoryAnalyzer
• Check if a specific steam id is on the current server - https://github.com/NetroScript/TF2-Player-Finder




• Between Shallows - https://enostrion.itch.io/between-shallows - A game made in a gamejam of my university, the game is similar to an endless runner, you play as a fish and have to balance black and white, and keep both colors at their full strength so they don't fade


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[H4B] Obi-wan Pierogi Sep 10 @ 2:50pm 
need help xD
kanon Sep 6 @ 11:41am 
Bloodyblade Aug 23 @ 6:49am 
I was going to come here to try to get a sunbeams Das Madden- but that's your pride I see

so I'll take leave once saying this, I find it funny that I have the same medic loadout as you.
hitress Aug 20 @ 4:16pm 
hey mate can you add me for a quick chat ?
redwood Jul 19 @ 3:07pm 
sorry about that, got hacked
Comfy Len Jun 23 @ 2:58pm 
Tried to buy painted wonderland wrap for 7.77 but says im missing 54 ref??