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You can ADD me for:

:GreenArrow:If you wish to Sell Your Game.
:GreenArrow:Want to get your Steam Group/Twitter/Youtube promoted.
:GreenArrow:Interested in Partnering with Steam group/Discord.
:GreenArrow:If you wish to become staff at my 50k steam group or 25k member discord.
:GreenArrow:To ask questions.
:GreenArrow:For trading.
:GreenArrow:For disscussions.

Do NOT ADD ME for:

:RedArrow:Because of cool profile/level
:RedArrow:For begging.
:RedArrow:For Being just a mean stupid person.

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I am able to do any of these:
Steam group, Steam curator, Steam game wishlist, Steam game subscribe, Vk group, Vk like, Vk repost, Twitter follow, Twitter retweet, Twitter favorite, Youtube sub, Youtube like, Facebook page like, Facebook page follow, Facebook post like, Facebook repost, Discord server, Visiting any site.

:GreenArrow: 8 Professionally writen reviews + in currator
If you are interested add me in steam so i can tell you the prices

I will get the members by making a giveaway on 2 diffrent websites with 1000 steam cd keys that i buy/get from devs for certain price, with this i no profit but i get more traffic on the website that im looking for. The prices will go up after few months becouse idlers are buying out alot of the keys and devs have hard time requesting a keys and actaully receiving them becouse steam is limiting it.
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Hey there.. you.

One question people ask me how much money i have spent in steam, but before i say answer how much do you think? Try to guess its 6 Euroes yeah thats right. You dont need money to do stuff just learn to trade and do some favours for people. If you want to play with me any game i wont be able to probably play it becouse i dont have it and i cant buy it my money just doesnt allow. Im not a rich guy you can call me as a person on the oppositive side of rich.

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Aevoa 4 hours ago 
People that boost and lie about member activity to the outside world aren't trustworthy enough to be managing a designer list. I hope their review process is like ours, though.
HellCow [SPONSORING] 4 hours ago 
Well lets just wait and see, cant make too many acussions if we havent seen the full result yet
HellCow [SPONSORING] 4 hours ago 
That list is very good, it might have been your idea. In the end there will be more lists so members/people do not get scammed so in the end if you mainly care about the comunity you should be happy about it in a way, in other way not because then there is a competetor that is available to pass you in a way and steal attention.