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لانك حبيبتي وحلمي اللي غاب ...قلبي بيرفض يبطل عذاب:steamsalty:
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A7MADX Jan 6 @ 4:10am 
Hello Everyone
This account will no longer be mine
I'm switching to another account
here's the link : http://steamcommunity.com/id/quinn22k
feel free to add me on my other main account :)
peace :)
Amir Jun 14, 2018 @ 5:35pm 
Eid Mubarak :heart:
D i Z z Y May 21, 2018 @ 2:26pm 
You see, infants were invented by Sir Edrich Infantson. Sir Infantson was sitting in a nursery playing with eggs and ♥♥♥♥♥ when he made the amazing discovery: ♥♥♥♥♥ doesn't actually taste all that bad. With this newfound knowledge Sir Infantson attempted to guzzle twelve gallons of ♥♥♥, only to be shocked when he dropped some onto an egg which then instantaneously spawned a small child. He named this small child an "Infant". This "Infant" would, and I quote, "For the life of it, not EVER shut the actual ♥♥♥♥ up. Like, how does it even have the lung capacity to scream this much? I don't get it. I will promptly end my own life to be free of this torment." Sir Infantson being the disappointment to his father that he was accidentally killed the infant instead of himself.
|-| MoKa |-| May 4, 2018 @ 4:22am 
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✪ Tamux Feb 28, 2018 @ 11:29am 
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|-| MoKa |-| Feb 24, 2018 @ 10:29am 
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