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Sorry I can't accept invitations anymore, I can't manage chat or I wouldn't have enough time to work on my games!
For all questions about Dig or Die, please use the Steam forum
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星辰下的守护神 Feb 7 @ 12:40am 
Well, at first I didn't know much about it, bye. See you in the forum:steamhappy:.
Gaddy Games Feb 6 @ 11:59pm 
I can't sell the music, I don't have the rights for that (explanations in the forum faq)
(please use the forum for suggestions/questions)
星辰下的守护神 Feb 6 @ 8:05pm 
Bye, good luck:steamhappy:
星辰下的守护神 Feb 6 @ 8:04pm 
Of course, these are only my personal suggestions. The final decision should respect the author and your efforts.
星辰下的守护神 Feb 6 @ 8:02pm 
Of course, music can choose which ones are better than which ones are not. Finally, another function that can switch the background can improve some people's frame number and game quality. I think this game is much more difficult than Terraria. I hope I have time to launch a music package. These music are very good! Really? Finally, good luck!
星辰下的守护神 Feb 6 @ 8:02pm 
I abandoned the difficult mode to the final rocket launch. The monster was so crazy. After I played the new version, I thought if you were free, I would recommend selling a music bag. I would upload it to some places so that more people could buy the game and the wonderful official music bag. Thank you. Then I hope to set up the painting style in the settings and replace it before 1.1.