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suh dude

Why did you decline my request?

You were either private or i dislike you.

Why did you delete me?

One of the following

•I dislike you
•You spammed me
•You were generally mean
•I purged my friends list, and you happend to be on the bottom
•You attemptet scam
•You were a jerk.
•You begged for items. (This happens more than you'd think)
•You randomly sent me game invites

Granted you may re add me, but please dont spam it, or i will block you. I'm pretty ok with having lots of freinds, just don't be that guy that makes me use the block button.

These items are up for trade, plus many more. Everything (other than pure) is for sale. I have now started high tier trading, meaning my unusual is for sale for either overpay from backpack.tf lowest on classified, or pure.

If you ever ask me tips for trading, I'l tell you to read these
*Be efficient
*Be nice
*Don't restrict to pure only, if someone offers overpay in mixed / pure / items in general, all you need to do is take a good look at the items. If you've had the items for a while and can't get rid of them, then taking overpay is probably your best bet
*Pure is always king
*When you hop up into unusuals, don't ever play for keeps until you have over like 1,000 keys or something. Keep making profit.
*Don't expect easy sales, you either buy safe or take a risk to make big profits.

Things you shouldn't do while talking to me:
*Don't try to force me into a trade, I'm not stupid, the second you try to, its an auto decline.
*Don't give me a sob story. I don't trust most of them, and honestly I just don't really care.
*I have a few good friends try to impersonate one of them and I'll cut you.
*Don't make fun of my pc, it huts my feelings and really rustles my jimmies
*Don't try to scam me, I'm not dumb, I wont fall for it.

Things you should know about me:
*Accumulative, I've spent enough money on steam to buy a new pc.
*I constantly waste money on steam. I have like 63 games or something.
*I like trading (sometimes)
*I have school so after 9:30 pm until 7:40 AM trade offers will not be checked. They'll be periodically checked between 7:40 and 9:10; after that, I will be online from 3:30, 4ish, until 9:30, and the cycle repeats.
*I wrote all of this in my US history class.
*I play csgo, but I prefer tf2
*I think tf2 competitive matchmaking is gonna suck, just my opinion

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What a troll
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