Jamie M   Bromley, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
There's bold, then there's kobold.
Yo, I make maps and cut cubes up real good.
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A Simple graphics mod: The 'needs' icons have been made simpler and more distinct - so you can tell what those pesky prisoners are complaining about further away and quicker than before! Made with respect to default game aesthetics.
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Created by - Fishbus
yup Aug 11 @ 5:44pm 
Fav map creator. cp_steel is my favorite a/d map and freight is my favorite 5cp map. You've created amazing memories for a lot of people.
HEAVEN AND HELLO Aug 3 @ 1:29am 
Added cuz im a big fan of the guy that made my favorite tf2 map: cp_steel!!!!!
trusski Jun 9 @ 12:45pm 
boops u loll
wyn Apr 17 @ 6:34pm 
Added for an item signing please :)
kluggin Feb 13 @ 5:37pm 
+Rep Literally can't play cities skylines without your mods :) Major shoutout
False Prophet Oct 20, 2021 @ 1:06am 
+Rep: Created one of the best Team Fortress 2 maps of all time and a good man.