Tyler Aulridge

xb: dude like
xb: zombies dunno bout m
xb: hy
xb: strafe
xb: like
xb: he run @ me
xb: fuckin strafe
xb: ez
xb: meatshot
xb: 9)
xb: shit
xb: 9)
xb: 8)

xb`: bro i woulda fucked the aliens up
xb`: they wouldnt have been able to abduct me nigga
xb`: my strafe is unpredictable

bunbun: And then you are stuck with a video of a girl with a roast beef pussy. And in your head you're like " fuck it, I just want to bust a nut already"
bunbun: I guess that's just me rofl

2:30 PM - cookie: dude, my first ever internet alias was
2:30 PM - cookie: dragon_tamer357
2:30 PM - cookie: ^im not joking
2:31 PM - fac: bahahahahahha
2:31 PM - cookie: i was like 11
2:31 PM - cookie: or some shit
2:31 PM - cookie: on neopets LOL
2:31 PM - fac: rofl

b.: I'm steel nerd
fac justplay.tf: got the medal and errythang
b.: And I rock that shit with my head held high
b.: Because deep down inside I know I'm an invite player

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SomeGuy#RemoverandomCrits Sep 1 @ 7:10pm 
Gg :]
SomeGuy#RemoverandomCrits Sep 1 @ 7:04pm 
+rep you can tell he's played a long time. Good Soilder
Mathematical_Dip_Pincher Aug 29 @ 1:26pm 
pure kq pax Feb 1 @ 10:14pm 
god damn 156 days i thought u were on like a week ago
MuschiMuschi Oct 20, 2017 @ 6:57am