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6v6 Experience:
UGC S13 NA Steel w/ The Agency | 1st Place Champions
UGC S14 NA Gold w/ Lobby Justice League
UGC S18 NA Platinum w/ Omnipotent | 3rd Place
UGC S24 NA Platinum w/ Six Guys Burgers and Spies
UGC S25 NA Platinum w/ T U R B O T H O T S
UGC S33 NA Platinum w/ Strawberry Milk
UGC S34 NA Platinum w/ chillsfanclub
UGC S35 NA Platinum w/ Thunderstorm
UGC S35 NA Platinum w/ thedestructionoftheRING (Current Team)
RGL S05 Main w/ Great Team Open
RGL S05 Main w/ Glovebox Glock
RGL S06 Main w/ Total Drama Island
RGL S07 Advance w/ Dynasty
RGL Winter Cup #1 Advance w/ Six Small Fries

Highlander Experience:
UGC S12 NA Gold w/ Scifi Channel Originals | 3rd Place
UGC S15 NA Gold w/ Zoobooks
UGC S22 NA Platinum w/ The New Generation Crew
UGC S29 North America w/ Arctic Wolfies
UGC S30 North America w/ Thunderstorm | 3rd Place
UGC S31 North America w/ Thunderstorm | 2nd Place
UGC S32 North America w/ Thunderstorm | 1st Place
UGC S33 North America w/ Thunderstorm (Current Team)
RGL S05 Intermediate w/ Thunderstorm | 3rd Place
RGL S06 Invite w/ Pop Your Pipes!
RGL S06 Advance w/ Seductive 9
RGL S07 Advance w/ Oprah Winfrey Network | 2nd Place
RGL S08 Challenger w/ Glovebox Glock
RGL S08 Advance w/ Gorilla Warfare (Current Team)

RGL Experimental Cup 3 Main w/ Thunderstorm | 2nd Place

Prolander Experience:
RGL S08 Main w/ Thunderstorm
RGL Cup 5 Invite w/ Gang Unit Tactics
RGL Cup 6 Invite w/ Michaelpc1 Security Detail

4v4 Experience:
UGC S18 Gold w/ 4 Hot Males in Your Area
UGC S20 Gold w/ Defying Gravity
UGC S21 Gold w/ Fakec4llers | 3rd Place
UGC S22 Gold w/ Thunderstorm

2v2 Experience:
UGC S02 Platinum w/ Brock & The Healthy Bastard
UGC S03 Platinum w/ Superjail | 2nd Place
UGC S04 Platinum w/ Superjail (Current Team)
CappingTV Offseason Cup for 2020

Brock 9 hours ago 
[9:50 PM] squish:eta? cause my team is telling me to take the ffw lol
Brock Apr 9 @ 10:37am 
coconut mall : and why brock be tryharding on 2fort
*DEAD* Ball Might : kick brock he's clearly to op to be playing casual
Ball Might : he is THE soldier
Brock Apr 8 @ 7:31pm 
*DEAD* Grape_Bear : god
*DEAD* Grape_Bear : i hate black box and conch
*DEAD* Grape_Bear : and any1 who combos it
Brock Apr 8 @ 6:24pm 
*DEAD* Soldier : bad box
*DEAD* ultamentpiesmeler : the gay box
*DEAD* Soldier : black cox
Soldier : honestly i dont get black box hate
Soldier : dont make fun of cripples
Brock Apr 2 @ 10:36am 
Brock killed AnOLDManMightJustBeKickinYourAz with blackbox.
AnOLDManMightJustBeKickinYourAz : SEE YA SOON BROCK ;)
Brock Apr 2 @ 9:27am 
*DEAD* ape : lmao brock spawncamping
ape : again, can't even fight fairly
*DEAD* ape : bro how does brock know my every ******* move