make me happier or love me
;P   Kobenhavn, Denmark
dania do bani
denmark is hell
fuck jer fra denmark :D

blev kicket fra kbh esport

bede staraj miec karriere w csgo
i will try have a carrier in csgo
ikke noget får jer danskere

why is everyone crazy when they se a girl play games?
please stop being that!

Polish song worth to share:

MASZ BANA NA SERWIE? ja pomoge cy hetnie za freeko

dzienki za pomoc ania patryk i inny za unbana

something about me: my luck beats you!
Gender: ?
sexuality: girls
telefon number: +4522808469
am here not for fun!

team: none
rank: gold nova 2
wingman matchmaking: s1
wingman rank: gold nova master
pvpro: gold/plat
faceit: lvl 5

favorite weapon categori: shotguns
top used weapons: mp7, m4 silencer, p250
weapons am bad to use: scout and p90 and awp

Team: none
favorite class: medic
playstlye: support/defensive

i only trade dublicates! here my avaible at the momment

TF2 trade: 3x unleash the beast cosmetic case, 10x blue moon cosmetic cases, 8x winter 2017 cosmatic cases, 3x abominable cosmatic cases, 4x (#75) mann co supply crates, 11x naughty winter crate 2013 series (#78) ,8x nice winter crates 2013 series (#79)

scout: 1x sandman, 2x soda popper 1x Flying guillotine, 1x atomic punch

Sniper: 2x razorback,1x huntman bow, 1x heatmaker

soldier: 2x rocket jumper, 2x righteous bison, 1x buff banner, 1x concheror, 2x cowmangler

Demoman: 2x loose canon, 2x iron bomber,1x splendid screen, 3x tideturner, 2x chragin charge, 1x scottish ressistence, 1x quickiebomb louncher, 2x eyelander, 2x scotsman skullcutter, 1x ullapool

Medic: 1x crusaders crossbow, 1x blutsauger, 1x kritzkrieg, 4x ubersaw, 1x vitasaw,1x amputator

heavy: 1x brass beast, 1x sandvich, 1x warriors spirit

pyro: 1x manmelter, 1x flare gun, 1x detonator, 1x powerjack, 1x third degree, 1x axtinguisher

spy: 1x letranger, 2x cloak and dagger, 2x deadringer, 1x enforcer, 1x the big earner

engineer: 1x short circuit, 2x wrangler, 1x gunslinger

multi class:

csgo trade: 1x G3SG1 | Desert Storm, 1x XM1014 blue spruce (well-worn

unturned trade: 1x scrubbish kitchen knife, 2x lucky hoodie 2x flower shirt, 1x hearth shirt, 2x bulldozer hoodie, 1x feather hoodie, 1x hourglass hoodie, 1x Corduroy Pants

you rly readed that all? how kind of you.
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po co podawac swoj numer telefonu w opisie moze jeszcze numer karty kredytowej?
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-rep крыса
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+rep i suppose meow