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38 Hours played
I put my fair share of time in (nearly 36 hours at time of writing). I grinded out most everything. I have fully explored several planets, maxed out inventories and travelled accross countless star systems. I spent hours simply building up language database. Do you know what i have to show for it? Nothing. it was a waste of time.

To be clear, this is a beautiful looking game, with lot's of hope and wonder, that leads to absolutely nothing. I spent hours building up resources and inventories and amassing fortunes. With nothing to do with it. All that time spent learning languages, and there was no point. Anything important story-wise, is in common language. I had much hope, waiting for something to happen. It didn't. You build random items and fuels, but that's it. You can only move from one place to another, and very little changes. Buildings are virtually identical and evenly distributed on EVERY planet. You can spot them and know exactly what they are, and what they will contain. They are unbelieveably generic. Every NPC is the same. I spent hours learning languages of a particular race. 20+ building oup relations of 1 of the 3 races, so much so i was able to decipher almost the entire language in every dialogue. Do you know what I discovered? That it didn't matter. As soon as I discovered the 2nd race, it didn't matter that I didn't know a single word. They were identical. Sure they looked different a little, but every interaction was identical. There is no point to any of the languages, they amount to nothing at all. By the time you get enough to start deciphering the exact words, what they have to say is entirely useless anyway. Did you like that outpost you were at? Too bad, you'll never find it again because navigation is terrible. But don't worry, it doesn't matter because there is another outpost that is identical, just jump in your ship and fly in any direction for less than a minute and you'll find the same damn place with a different name.

This game was like the ending of the TV Show "Lost", lots of buildup for a complete let down. Accumulate for no reason, talk for no reason, explore for no reason. I like a grind, but you don't even have anything to show for it. You'll never go back to wherever you were, and you'll never be able to share what you find with another human being. Cool, on this planet I'm going to name everything after memes. cool. What's the point? I'll never see that planet again when i leave for the next one. I gave this game far too much of a chance, and too much of my time. Go play minecraft, at least here you can build something. Play an MMO, at least there you can talk to someone. Go play a game with any form of campaign, at least you'll get a story. NMS is like all those games, without the things that make them great. No story, no meaningful building, no social. This feels entirely like an MMO that is empty. Accumulate wealth to buy nothing of worth, to quest with no one, and find nothing of note.
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Wysiwyg Jul 5 @ 2:26am 
Thanks! :tradingcard::2018ship:
Elvis Prime Jun 28 @ 2:45pm 
Actually, i never do this, but deleting it. Don't want to risk anyone getting phished or scammed.
Elvis Prime Jun 28 @ 2:41pm 
No one go to that site. It is scammy and spammy. Do not be duped.
Draivon Jun 25 @ 3:41pm 
I have a really, really good game for you:steamhappy:
Hitman Jun 9 @ 12:16pm 
+rep, friendly and reliable trader, quick and easy trade, you´re always welcome back, thank you very much again :Honored:
Sicknate Apr 21 @ 1:41pm 
Added you because SG.