Kuro Ryu Kami   Chofu, Tokyo, Japan
"True sins are the ones that you cannot atone for. "

♪ ~Sad To Say, I'm Your Bad Luck Charm~ ♪
♪ ~Everybody Gets What They Deserve, That's Karma~ ♪
♥ ~Let The Blood Rain~ ♥
♥ ~There Is A Right Way To Do Things~ ♥
When the dark takes over and the moon shines, beware of what happens in the night, for one may think they wander safely, until something comes to take a bite, it may not hurt, but you may faint, and will never again see the light of day, so beware those you trust, and prepare for what may come, for the shadows always lurk around~ ♥

The most important person in my life, and she has been for a very long time, is and will always be my lovely partner~ ♥ Schilihika
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♥ ~Your Goddess~ ♥
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~Bloody Tears~
I create Tabletop Games mostly, though yes I create and do plenty of other things, if your curious ask me, or check out my Patreon maybe, its KuroRyuKami []~
Can't believe I have to add this. But if you accept or add me, I figure you want to talk or know me or why would you be on my friends list? Its not hard to not be rude and just be polite and friendly, if you have no intention of being a friend, then why bother with an add exactly. If you are only a troll, only a pervert, or only meme, then kindly leave, there is more to being a friend and such then these things, and its quite tiresome and annoying after a while. But thats all I wanted to say, people are weird online, guess its semi expected right~

I am most active on discord as its easier for me to talk or reply there instead of here, so if you really want to talk, my discord is Blackdraxx#0153 ~♥~ or one of my groups is if you prefer, with some of my game things and what not on here~ My Group
If you are curious about me just ask...I do not often bite of course, hmhm~ ♥
I don't care to put much here, as you can honestly just talk to me to get to know me, its better and more fun that way then just reading a big long thing to get the basics of a person after all and it is how you make friends.

I do roleplay, I simply prefer to roleplay on Roll20 primarily at this point is all.
I like to chat, though I can be awkward with conversation but I am a weird person, just kinda a fabric of me at this point, so learn to love it. I love music as well, gaming especially, so don't be afraid to ask me to play one of the games we have in common or something, or if your not sure just ask and I may own it or be getting it.
Not really sure what else to put here, so, just like ask me stuff or whatever, always better to talk to get to know another after all~ :catpaw::Luna_Emoticon::frostb::Poison:

I have alot I could say but best to chat me up or what not for that, and I do go by alot of names and have before and am on alot of sites so if you are curious just ask and I may tell you, though I rarely check them these days, so if you are, as I said, curious, just ask me, I don't always bite. Lots more to say and add, but that can be saved for later if I decide to bother~ ♥
Wulfess 16 hours ago 
+rep: cute artworks! :nyan_wolf:
V e r i n ようこそ Mar 26 @ 4:18pm 
 :butterfly::butterfly:   :butterfly::butterfly:   
:butterfly:      :butterfly:      :butterfly:
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      :butterfly::rarebutterfly::butterfly:            :rarebutterfly:
         :butterfly::rarebutterfly:         :rarebutterfly:
               :rarebutterfly:   :rarebutterfly:
Curvu Mar 24 @ 4:59am 
Have an amazing week!! :heartb:
Don't forget to wash your hands!!! :goldfeatherdust:
Aleksa Mar 23 @ 3:45am 
───▄▄██▌█ 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Schilihika Mar 22 @ 11:30pm 
♥ ~Thank you for the Happy Birthday, it makes me so delighted to have from you, my love, my heart~ ♥
ɴᴇᴋᴏʜɪᴍᴇ Mar 20 @ 2:42pm 
Heey my dear friend :ws_lhi5: , I wish you a wonderful weekend and great mood :hiraki: