A quien le importa? Who cares?   San Diego, California, United States
I enjoy playing games mostly with friends :)

Speak English and Spanish... i like anime, variety of music, random jokes...

Play L4D/2, TF2 , Audiosurf, CSS, KF, Beat Hazard, LaG, Madballs,... like to play like friends... nobody is better than everyone!!

Amigo ven conmigo a llevar a paz, pues este mundo esta en destruccion.

DECIDE!!!! Si conoces primero a tu hermano y juntos seguimos adelante,

O empuñas una espada y aceleras el final este mundo...

Abrazaras a tus hermanos? O moriras por la misma espada que empuñaste?



In memory of : Manfred Heusser
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Dust: An Elysian Tail is a beautiful game with awesome soundtrack.

This indie game was made mostly by one person; the programming, the writing (story), the animation. The voice acting is also very good, while the story is very entertaining with an unexpected twist.

For the level of quality this game has, it defenitely deserves to be supported.

If you hear or have heard negative comments about the Anthropomorphic (Furry) characters, I can say most of them could be biased or just made without really knowing the game since the characters are likeable with interesting personalities; if you are used to characters like this from some old movies or cartoons (Example "Cat's don't Dance", "An American Tail", "Jungle Book", "Disney's Robin Hood", "Looney Toons" etc), then you will not have a problem with the characters in this game.

Want to know more information about the game? Check TotalBiscuit's Review, I am sure that will help you know enough of the game.
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An FAQ/guide for all players with questions and answers detailing simple tasks such as menu navigation to complex mechanics such as IPS and Drama.
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