New South Wales, Australia
It works... 10% of the time, the other 100% it doesn't. Like that sentence.
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"Arc, Shifter of Shapes: Shape of Lightning"
I see you've actually bothered to read this.

Hiya I'm Arc, aka Shifter (if we've met on Discord []) aka JolteonShapeshifter (if we've met on Destiny). An aspiring programmer during the day, and slayer of gods during night. I tend to play MMOs, Shooters, and RPGs. As you might of been able to tell I play games like Destiny a lot. Feel free to talk or add, just don't be weird or creepy.

Jolteon number one.

I use Arch linux and Windows btw.
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i think the "Hey, Arc! Remember me?" thing is a bot message sent from hacked accounts