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Hello, this is me! (>‿◠)
Infos about me and my graphic designer job:

My name's Andrea , I'm from Italy and I'm a graphic enthusiast.

You can ask me whatever kind of graphic work, exemples are: wallpapers for your desktop, profile pictures, animated gif, artworks and so on.

Prices: The price may depend in how long it takes to realize your work, but overall I'm fairly cheap


CPU: i5 7600k

GPU: Gtx 1060




SSD: Samsung 850 Evo Pro 250 GB

CASE: Zalman Z11 Plus (Red)

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Story - Very simple, don't expect anything super complicated or surprising. Don't buy it for the story but for the points listed below.

Gameplay - Frustatring but never unfair. Even tough beating a boss can be tricky and exhausting, the sense of achievement involved in it pays off, a lot. Bosses have different phases and they are never in the same order, and expect thousands of thing on screen that will try to kill you. The whole gameplay is focused on beating bosses, one after the other. There are also run 'n gun levels, which are nice to break the pace and to earn coins, spendable in the shops. Here you can buy new shooting modes , superpowers and abilities.

Graphics and Animations - Masterpiece. The cartoonish style is well made and very similar to the cartoons of the 1930s. Everything is hand-drawn, included the animations. The outcome of this HUGE work is an astonishing game for your eyes and an accurate characterization of each character.

Soundtrack - It helps taking back the player to the 30's with lovely jazz melodies. I was so awestruck the first hours of gameplay by its perfection and by how well it fits the game that I ended up buying it. The soundtrack includes FLAC files, not crappy MP3s.

Conclusions - The game is very challenging and difficult, I wouldn't reccomend it to young children that may have been fooled by it's friendly look, this game will make you rage and will put your patience to test. Otherwise it's a MUST HAVE in your libray,, you can't miss it. Now do yourself a favor and click that ♥♥♥♥ing buy button.

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