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introduce yourself via comment before you friend me if we haven't talked before. i'm a proud furry/weeb, heathen/heretic, and dom/wife to

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i use windows 7 still and i'm very happy with it. if you want to endorse the greed of megacorps by replacing perfectly functional products every year just cuz they came out with something new with no/barely any added functionality, that's your choice, but leave me and my choice alone.

the main thing i look for in games is freedom. i wanna be able to play as myself- that primarily means being an edgy/butch white chick and climbing everything in sight.
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I love this game way more than I thought I would. Yes it's basically minecraft, but the graphics aren't the only thing that's different. All the crafting and gameplay is more realistic and in-depth, without being difficult to learn. I haven't had to use a wiki at all, and I'm having a lot of fun figuring things out and exploring the different biomes. I can't wait for them to add more content and fix some of the awkward alpha stuff, this game is gonna be so good!

also the devs are super cool and actually check and comment on the steam discussions, instead of only interacting with people who join their specific website or discord server, or not caring what players say at all, like a lot of other early access games. it actually feels like a collaborative effort, with my ideas being seriously considered and often accepted and implemented!
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Happy St Valentine's Day AlphaGodith :GleamlightHeart:
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Hello dear AlphaGodith, I deleted you by accident, I apologize.

I recognize, admire and respect you as a person and as an excellent player in RW, if you allow me to be my friend again, I will be very happy. :lyriq:
Dthsmoke Feb 2 @ 6:21am 
Hey so you on the Rising World discussion board and thought Id say hi. Cant wait for that update! Add me if you like, im kinda shy but nice. Have a good one!
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hey, sent you a friend request bc i like your reviews and you seem cool :lunar2019piginablanket: feel free to decline tho if that's not a good reason for you :p