24, male (add me if necessary)   Australia
Gamer, collector, writer, reviewer, modder, proofreader, translator and fellow achievement hunter extraordinaire.

I'm a pretty passionate guy but that's also my weakness because on the rare occasion I get way too caught up in something. Thus, if I've ever attacked you in the past: it was likely not your fault. I was and still am dealing with a lot of problems but I'm normally pretty friendly and helpful (at least I'd like to think so!). If you'd like to add me, that's fine, BUT I will not add private profiles/level 0 profiles. Do note I sometimes remove friends that aren't active or online because slots are at a premium. If you think I accidentally deleted you, you're more than welcome to add me again. Lastly, I just want to state that I'm not a huge fan of co op. If you're adding me so that we can play co op together, it's likely we won't play co op much or at all.

What most of you are actually interested in:
Windows 10 64 bit
Intel Core i7 950 @ 3.07ghz CPU (4 cores, 8 cores logical)
Nvidia GTX 680 4gb vram GPU
16gb DDR3 ram

More about me: I'm a nerd, a geek and a PC enthusiast. When I play video-games I'm often very flukey but I believe the word "fluke" implies lack of skill. I'd like to think that I have too much skill and that's why I somehow play average most of the time... but I guess I can keep on dreaming! I'm really just very lucky (hence the name).

Hobbies: I game, write reviews, mod and I like to assist people with computer problems (ironically half of my computer problems have been self-inflicted). Outside of the computer realm I like to write and peruse books of any sort, read comics and have recently became a fan of anime.

To recap: I just enjoy anything video game related, but my frequent playing has ceased as I'm now in University. I still play more than I should though :)

Gaming history: I have a PC, an Xbox 360, a PSP, a Gameboy Advance SP and I used to have a PS1, N64 (the best console with some of my favourite classics: Goldeneye, The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64) as well as a NES. Unfortunately, the last 3 gaming devices I mentioned I no longer own. Despite being fortunate enough to be brought up with so many different platforms -- I forever remain a PC Gamer at heart and in practice.

My preferences: I prefer people to NOT be rude, vulgar or otherwise demeaning. This also applies to interactions with me on Steam - comments are a privilege (anyone can post) but I'd prefer they be kept clean. In chat: I'm a lot more relaxed about this. If you are a friend or having a joke, I'll usually laugh off stuff. Just try not to spam, flame or disrespect me. Abide by all of this and you can expect a *Lucky* ass-kicking the next time you see me in-game.

P.S. Woolfay made my profile picture. Just pointing this out so he doesn't hurt me :D.
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-3xA'Lu©κy 7 hours ago 
There's two of you now?!
Malignity. 18 hours ago 
So, hey mystery man
What's your plan
I've got to tell the world
To beware you don't care
Malignity. 18 hours ago 
So, hey mystery man
What's your plan
I've got to tell the world
To beware you don't care
Malignity. Aug 17 @ 12:33am 
Malignity. Aug 17 @ 12:33am 
legitimate steam reason
-3xA'Lu©κy Aug 11 @ 4:27pm 
I appreciate that. I wrote in chat which game I'm after and my offer as well.