Henderson, Nevada, United States
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Shit amd pc

23inch HP Monitor W2338h
Razer Mamba Tournment 16000 DPI Mouse
HAVIT Lammergeier HV-KB346L Keyboard

-sm4 -d3d10 -lowmemory
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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Sad pos skinhub.com Feb 23 @ 7:52pm 
kegan: im going to keep you in my attic like a little jew. you can be my little jew
me: what
keagan: get it? because attic rhymes with jew
me: ....
keagan: i meant hitler rhymes with jew
me: ...............
keagan: shit i meant you
where tf is my shit Feb 23 @ 7:28pm 
-rep called me gay
where tf is my shit Feb 23 @ 7:25pm 
me: dont put the man of war on the site that is retarded and a scam
hannah: no it just wants me to deposit something
me: then put something like $0.10 on there
hannah: it wants something more than a dollar
me: the man of war is $10...hannah its a scam
hannah: i just have to see....................oh...........umm
me: you just got scammed didnt you?
hannah:.....*laughs a little* i just wanted to make sure...
Sad pos skinhub.com Feb 23 @ 4:04pm 
+rep deals with my retarded gambling problem because sometimes he gets a .20$ skin
Look at Mee Feb 17 @ 3:04am 
hacking no life
finity Feb 9 @ 8:28pm 
Girl: do u wnt to b wit me 4ever????'
boy: n0....
the gurrl ran away, and got hit by a traINE
the boy run to her
Boy: i dont want to b wit u 4ever...... i wanna be wit u 5ever (its more than 4ever.......)
(boy whispers) stay with me..
(girl whispers) I will...
suddenly, ronaldo appearess from behind a tre
boy: yeay hi 5 ronaldo! u r so much bettr than messii.........
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