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October 11, 2012
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Launch Discount Length Now Configurable
What is a launch discount?
A launch discount is an optional, limited time introductory promotion that starts the moment your game is released on Steam. This can be configured from your app's landing page in Steamworks, right below where you specify your intended release date.

Launch discounts are totally optional and we find that developers have differing philosophies about whether to run a launch discount or not.

You can read more about discounting on Steam here.

Launch Discount Timing & Seasonal Sales
We're also updating how Steam handles launches that happen in close proximity with our four seasonal sales. If your game releases close to a seasonal sale and you would like to have a launch discount extend into that sale, then you can choose a launch discount duration of up to 14 days. We cannot extend a launch discount beyond 14 days, so depending on when you released your game, it's possible that your game's launch discount may end prior to the end of the seasonal sale.

Generally, you cannot run a discount within 30 days of the release of your game or until 30 days from when the launch discount ends.

If your game launched at least 30 days prior to the start of the seasonal sale and DID NOT have a launch discount, then you are welcome to join the seasonal sale and enter a discount.

If your game launched 30 days prior and had a launch discount, then that discount cooldown DOES prevent you from joining the seasonal sale at the beginning. You can choose to join the sale already in progress by entering your discount for the seasonal sale once the launch discount cooldown ends (30 days from the end date of your launch discount). There are always future opportunities to put your game on discount, so you shouldn't feel pressured to change your release date for the sake of a seasonal sale event.

Content Ratings Requirement in Germany
What is Steam's Built-in Rating System?
Steam has a built in questionnaire that all new released games must complete as part of the release process. This questionnaire asks an assortment of questions about the content present in your game, and uses your answers to help players understand the content of your game. If you released a game on Steam prior to January 2020, you may not have filled in this information.

What is this questionnaire for?
This questionnaire serves a couple of purposes:

First, for developers to identify sensitive content that exists in their game so that customers can control the kinds of content they wish to see and not see when browsing the Steam store. The categories selected by game developers appear as options for players to enable or disable under store preferences. (You can check out the preference settings for your own Steam account)

Second, it provides Steam with more information to establish rating systems and content descriptors to display in the Steam store for customers in Brazil and Germany. These ratings and descriptors are based on criteria established in partnership with regulatory agencies and industry self-regulatory bodies in these countries.

How can I find my games that are missing this rating?
We've built a handy page here to help you find your games on Steam that do not yet have the necessary rating generated:

How do I get to the questionnaire?
Users with ‘edit app metadata’ permissions will find the new questionnaire under the "Content Survey" menu item on the landing page for any given product. Or you can use this link to see a full list of your games that are missing the required ratings for display in Germany: From that page, you can click on each game to navigate directly to the self-rating questionnaire for that game.

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