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Kassidy   Redmond, Washington, United States
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coolhandluke Jun 20 @ 12:09am 
+rep fast trader 😃
+rep Killing Machine 😈
+rep AWP GOD 💢
+rep kind person
+rep Friendly
+rep Thanks For Carry 👍
+rep insane play in gwyf
+rep nice profile 💜
+rep add me pls
+rep very nice and non-toxic player
+rep Insane
Berkin but he is drunk Jun 18 @ 5:57am 
Can you honor me by signing my profile? please please....:steamsad:
Blunc #rustclash Jun 10 @ 3:24pm 
smoggy Jun 6 @ 12:47am 
Пенисито Сито Jun 3 @ 11:29am 
Happy summer everyone!:Emo_1_Happy:
Bomb&Tnt Jun 1 @ 10:04am 
I have a problem, The key That I got can't work even If the key free region. I just want to make sure if the key can work in my account. I want to play the game so badly. I got 2 keys for the same game and It didn't work.