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November 24, 2010
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Who are we? We're a family of furries that run servers and events for other furries as well as anyone in between! Don't let our name fool you, we're not a Christian group, we're named after the Southern star (Crux) constellation! Why? Attracts less trolls and ... the owner is a Crux. We run game servers for all sorts of games, either hosted by us directly or some very smart and trustworthy others. Our group is supported by the many wonderful people in it and continues to grow to this day. Our website aims to be the best website a gaming community can have, featuring all sorts of helpful information, tools, fun stuff and more. And finally, we don't aim to be the biggest group, just the best. Would you like to join us? Send in an invite!

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[TF2] Another fruitcake goes in the trash
Here is what I know!

1. This is purely an SCG bug, we cannot find any traces of this happening to anyone else and the conditions that cause it are still unknown.

2. The problem specifically is that the m_hRedKothTimer or m_hBlueKothTimer fails to either load or reset. Today I was able to confirm this by unsetting the value of m_hRedKothTimer in a warmup game, only to have the clock be 0:00 next round.

The TF2 event that sets a winning team and ends a round does not have an error catch for a missing clock entity, hence the crash.

3. The official fix is a band-aid! If the round begins detecting a broken clock, the round is simply reset until it is fixed. This fix was provided to me by a friend who goes by "Top Kekkeroni", I made some final adjustments to it and it is now live on Chocolate and Rainbow.

4. Before anyone asks, I attempted to catch a broken clock and attempt manually fixing it by adjusting the value of the time, this did not work.

For the sake of memories, I have uploaded the script I wrote to recreate the bug, this has literally no use to anyone but it makes me happy.

A big thank you to Jon, Fraeven, Top Kekkeroni for their help in understanding and solving this problem. And a extra big thank you to you all for putting up with this mess the last couple ... months?

This was the biggest unsolved problem going on presently, hopefully things stay easy peasy for a while...

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"All types of games, our members include people of all genres / tastes. We will do our best to put the right person in charge of the right game, and be able to provide you with quality reviews! Now with less yaff."
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{SCG} Rowdy the Crux Jun 28 @ 12:14pm 
Sorry about the comment left here my dudes
AʀᴛᴇᴍɪsNᴇxᴜs Jun 25 @ 6:46am 
thanks for the add :Cerberus814:
Fudjbutt Apr 27 @ 8:32pm 
I didn't know where to post this so I thought this might be ok-ish
Fudjbutt Apr 27 @ 8:32pm 
There seems to be a problem with TF2Ware where it doesn't load; I tried it with some friends around 5 times but the game wouldn't want to load at all.
Zim the Vixiepie ~<3 Apr 13 @ 8:12pm 
The owner of this group is not a foot.
Drace Mar 15 @ 12:27pm