Idle4Drops idle4drops
Idle4Drops idle4drops
October 28, 2014
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*me-Shoe ✪ Sep 22 @ 11:51am 
Nearly exactly what @Ivy wrote!

There is a weekly "drop reset" by valve. But there are different views of the exact day. Some are saying that on Tuesday night the "drop week" will be reseted and some are saying it's on the night to wednesday and some are saying in the night on thursday... :D
But we can say for sure: It will reset! And then it's exactly how Ivy wrote it down.

Thanks too Ivy for helping! =)
Ivy Sep 21 @ 7:28pm 

Just simply enter the server. The server takes care of everything automatically. You don't even need to use auto afk script.

Personally I like using server "Idle 4 Drops #03" since it's less chaotic and easy on computer.

Come back 4 hours later for a case drop, or wait a bit more.
Wait 7 days for drop to reset. Repeat.
MA Tuezin Baleador Sep 21 @ 4:15pm 
i want it to know if i need to be logged in the server as an afk bot or killing people to earn some drop
MA Tuezin Baleador Sep 21 @ 4:15pm 
hi *me-Shoe ✪ can you help me
ALLİAN OP Sep 19 @ 5:27am 
Can you help ı cant join server
*me-Shoe ✪ Sep 10 @ 12:28pm 
So. You are idling for 3 month without getting anything, right?

Well. That's very very bad luck or just a lie. :)

My Smurf-Accounts have earned a lot of cases and 3 rare ones. So... Maybe i have just more luck or think whatever you want! =)
entesuessauer Sep 10 @ 3:22am 
im playing this server for now 3 months and i got nothing it is the badest server ive ever seen
It's still VALVes Random Dropy System. But it's very very rare if you really got no drop in a week. :/
I can say for sure:
The longfer you idle, the higher the chance to get the drops!
BRAKEN; Sep 7 @ 4:59pm 
Why cant i get a case? i havent got a drop in a week
Polka Sep 2 @ 9:47am 
Nice server
Ivy Aug 28 @ 4:48am 
So lucky this month. Got 10 Fracture case drops from my farming accounts. Made quite a bit money.
Best idle servers!
Reserved Slots priority!
Duy Aug 8 @ 7:49am 
Comment my please
✪Tak0✪ Aug 8 @ 4:22am 
i cant drop case help
Hajdukovich Aug 7 @ 11:49am 
Almora Aug 7 @ 7:53am 
S344W-EBDQ for afk
Sebiy Aug 7 @ 7:53am 
+rep4+rep instantly
just write on my prfl +rep nice trader
LOKSTAR Aug 7 @ 7:15am 
SLKRS-M4NC looking for 1 person to full afk lobby
LuckyNumba3 Aug 7 @ 6:44am 
looking for 1 more person to start an afk scrimmage match
LOKSTAR Aug 7 @ 6:39am 
SLKRS-M4NC one more for afk lobby
ahzy Aug 7 @ 6:36am 
2 more for afk lobby ADD ME
LOKSTAR Aug 7 @ 6:29am 
need 2 more guys for afk lobby, SLKRS-M4NC,
LOKSTAR Aug 7 @ 5:57am 
need 1 more for full afk lobby, SLKRS-M4NC, add me
ahzy Aug 7 @ 5:52am 
need 1 more for afk lobby
LOKSTAR Aug 7 @ 5:51am 
add me or invite, SLKRS-M4NC, looking for full afk lobby
LOKSTAR Aug 7 @ 5:43am 
looking for 3 more guys. full afk scrimmage
Almora Aug 7 @ 5:22am 
servers are full
My Hair Aug 7 @ 3:04am 
+4 mm afk for drop
Vinx Aug 7 @ 2:45am 
Havent got a single drop after 30 mins.. something ive been doing wrong? i joined executed command and waited till match ends
CoolFull Aug 7 @ 2:05am 
I can not connect constantly because of reserved slots
Sry. No idea. Sounds impossible for me. If tehre would be Bots, ok. But there arnt bots as far as i can see.
123 Aug 5 @ 6:04pm 
@*me-Shoe ✪
Thanks for the reply m8

Also, I don't see most of the players who are afk. Most of them are completely invisible to me.
As for the stattrak issue, any idea how I can mess around in the settings to, perhaps fix the problem?
That sounds weird!

Should NOT be normal!
123 Aug 5 @ 4:28am 
Don't really know why, but server 1 hasn't been giving me registering stattrak kills for me.
Maybe 1 out 10 players I kill registers on my stattrak count, but the other players I kill just does not register. Is this a bug on the server side or my side?
NO! It's NOT!
I have hundred of cases on all of my idle-accounts! So it's NOT scam or fake!

So just keep calm, thx!
have not get any case this is scam
*me-Shoe ✪ Jul 29 @ 10:15am 
SASUKE Jul 29 @ 8:52am 
There is no support for other idle-servers! I'm sorry for that and say thanks to a guy who used our knowledge to copy us 1:1. We stoped supporting others since then!
No offense against you!!
bruh Jul 18 @ 4:33pm 
also do you need to do the anti afk idle script if you want to get drops on Idle 4 Drops #03?
bruh Jul 18 @ 3:58pm 
hello how many cases can i get per week? apart from my level up drop?
Harv1q Jul 18 @ 12:18pm 
Hello guys, I am looking to make idling server on my own, and i already tried making my config for the server, but it still keeps killing people so all people at the same time cannot get kills.
Maybe can admin add me and check the config i made. Thanks!
By that i meant to have "figurines" at the spawn, but you can still walk on the map and people can farm kill with your "figurine". Thanks for any help <3
ohh i see, thanks for the infos, good work, cheer up, i really appreciate it :Speech_Love:
When u r AFK, why should it be possible to get kills?

If you mean an 'auto-kill-feature' then i cant tell you something good. This would be against the Steam TOS and thats why we would never offer sth like that. Sry!
how can i get kill with afk mode bro?
*me-Shoe ✪ Jul 12 @ 12:49pm 
ANAN Jul 12 @ 9:16am 
Is the server VAC-secured?
Ragnar Lothbrok Jul 9 @ 5:04pm 
şuan niye gelmiyo
*me-Shoe ✪ Jun 22 @ 12:20pm 
Just idle on the server! Just connect and do nothing. I recomend to switch to window mode and the lowest possible resolution.
By idling on our servers you will be always 'active' in a team (T and/or CT) and never be kicked (except due to reserve slots). Every 5mins a validate match-end and every match-end a chance for a drop!