Idle4Drops idle4drops
Idle4Drops idle4drops
October 28, 2014
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This IS working! Just keep calm and learn how it works... Thanks!

Thanks! :)
ahs Sep 17 @ 6:07am 
it's work. don't confuse people
Serfontein Sep 14 @ 10:11pm 
this does not work , no drops
Something between 5mins and 6 days and 23hours! =)
Bread Pudding Official Aug 31 @ 10:18am 
How long does it take to get 1 drop?
Servers are back now! Sry for the delayed response!
Triple[A] Aug 28 @ 7:43pm 
servers down like
katratzi313 Aug 28 @ 3:10pm 
are the servers down? I can't connect to #1 or #7 right now.
*me-Shoe ✪ Aug 20 @ 12:41pm 
Yes, it still works with PRIME Accounts!
UniQue Aug 20 @ 6:09am 
Does this still works?
pian Aug 16 @ 11:11am 
can i buy vip?
xao Aug 14 @ 7:54pm 
idk it works for me
OG Aug 13 @ 11:46pm 
not letting me farm stattrack kills why is this
OG Aug 13 @ 11:45pm 
for the server #1 its not letting me shoot why is this?
ᴀᴄᴛɪᴠ Aug 12 @ 4:29pm 
Nice way to get cases, i got 1 case after 6/7 Hours in afk mode, nothing good inside when i opened, but ... :steamhappy::steamthumbsup::steamthis:
And follow the link to our "How to Idle"... ;)
cl_allowdownload 1
iT1K KEYDROP Aug 6 @ 7:12am 
"missing map" what should I do ?
Bots wont help for StatTrak ^^^
And sometimes they crash. The idle-plugin is old and wont get an update.
WARUM Jul 7 @ 7:05am 
server even crashed and no bots..
WARUM Jul 7 @ 6:44am 
Man why is your stattrak server so laggy?
*me-Shoe ✪ Jun 28 @ 10:34am 
max 2 cases per week!

Well... i'm pretty much pro "Hardware-Banns", but yeah... :D
Maybe you tried some rcon-commands?! :)
Hardware Jun 27 @ 8:05pm 
lol, this server banned this me, why?
CaptMartinWalker Jun 27 @ 4:39am 
Hi, how many items you can get per week i already got 1 case from your server should i disconect or wait, alse when drop system refresh its counter?
*me-Shoe ✪ Jun 26 @ 12:43pm 
Just read the comment below again. Especially the last part. ;)
Merc雇佣兵 @R@ Jun 26 @ 4:11am 
I wanna ask, but didn't valve disable drops on community servers?
It's still VALVEs random drop system, BUT our servers had the shortest possible time between matches and matchtime (for valid matchends!!!) to get a drop.

This means:
The longer you idle, the higher the chance to get a drop (-> every matchend)!

Since the CSGO Update from 3rd of June 2021 there are no drops dor NON-PRIME accounts!!

– Non-Prime status accounts will no longer earn XP, Ranks, Skill Groups, item drops , or Prime status through play time."
Farko Jun 23 @ 8:16am 
Ive been afk more than 5 days nonstop and i still didnt get a drop..........................
Pekyz Jun 21 @ 1:05am 
fabbeman0607 Jun 21 @ 1:05am 
how do i get drops?
ॐCl1pper༜ Jun 17 @ 2:56am 
**** Unable to localize '#GenericConfirmText_Label' on panel descendant of 'PopupManager'

Host_Error: Disconnected
can someone help ?
There was a major problem in the data-center. We should be back now! ^^
John Crichton Jun 16 @ 9:20am 
Servers are back up it seems, I'm in #7
|S.T.A.R.S| Sgt Martin Jun 15 @ 8:49pm 
It seems like all of the servers are offline currently, radical. Been like that for at least 4 hours now, that I know of.
radicalrishab Jun 15 @ 7:36pm 
I am not able to connect to the Statrak Kill Farmer it just says unable to connect to server after 30 retries
Pekyz Jun 9 @ 2:25pm 
Pekyz Jun 9 @ 2:25pm 
its only me in idle4drops #7
Pekyz Jun 9 @ 2:21pm 
We are temporary back with all 4 servers:

idle4drops #1 | StatTrak-Farming possible!

idle4drops #3 | IDLE ONLY - No kills and deaths!

idle4drops #5 | IDLE ONLY - No kills and deaths!

Mai Jun 8 @ 9:53pm 
No it wasn't because of new update. I was able to get case drop from another servers. Of course I like this server more and I hope it'll be back.
El (DOMADO) Jun 8 @ 4:24pm 
So it was not closed due to new csgo prime?
If we are unlucky we have to switch the provider and then we have to find a way to be able to pay the then higher bills. :/
We hope we are able to bring back the service as soon as possible!
Vivy Jun 8 @ 11:18am 
will servers come back ?
Pekyz Jun 8 @ 11:14am 
i know
Vivy Jun 8 @ 11:13am 
prime doesn't get drops anymore
Vivy Jun 8 @ 11:13am 
i think so
El (DOMADO) Jun 7 @ 10:07pm 
Is this ban cause new csgo update?
syc0 Jun 7 @ 5:01pm 
I can't connect, what's going on?