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Idle4Drops idle4drops
October 28, 2014
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Sonic Oct 28 @ 3:10am 
thanks for fixing servers. we appreciate your handwork :steamthumbsup:
*me-Shoe ✪ Oct 27 @ 12:39pm 
Well. Nobody can say it for sure. It is still VALVEs Random Drop System!
ObamaTheBest Oct 27 @ 9:51am 
Is there a cooldown after I recieve the first case??
DarkKamu Oct 26 @ 12:54pm 
thanks idle4drops you are great
Zgubidan Oct 26 @ 10:09am 
You guys are the best. Ty.
Cropy Oct 26 @ 9:48am 
MCKiller308 Oct 26 @ 9:01am 
Nonono, thank YOU! for your service! :steamthumbsup:
Hello All!

The servers are back online! Please check if they are running without a bug!! Thanks a lot for ur patience! <3

idle4drops #1 | StatTrak-Farming possible!

idle4drops #3 | IDLE ONLY - No kills and deaths!

idle4drops #5 | IDLE ONLY - No kills and deaths!
Guidoclan Oct 25 @ 2:16pm 
No problem, thathat's better than nothing
My internet isnt working at home so i'm not able to fix the probs atm! The support said it will be back tomorrow... hopefully. :/
Koneko Tōjo Oct 25 @ 6:19am 
Servers down
lele Oct 25 @ 4:31am 
are you gonna fix servers?
Zgubidan Oct 24 @ 10:44pm 
Any hope for return of the servers?
Sonic Oct 23 @ 11:02pm 
last update killed all idle servers i think not just this site
luvlost Oct 23 @ 3:31pm 
Still having server issues? I miss them :(
We are working on it!
Pan con mantequita Oct 22 @ 1:18pm 
Servers down:((((((
etheoo Oct 22 @ 9:12am 
fix servers :(
SNAKE!? Oct 22 @ 2:08am 
Servers are down?
< blank > Oct 21 @ 4:22pm 
are the servers down?
Kemalismus Oct 1 @ 3:54am 
"you may only connect to this server from a lobby" why do i get this?
✩ カマキリ Sep 8 @ 10:48am 
CS closes after a bit, anyone know why? I also run my game at the recommended idle settings.
✪ reV Sep 8 @ 6:12am 
Somebody know why my CS closes after a while?
Give it a try! ;)
$ACILAD csgocases_com Aug 27 @ 11:46am 
does windows rdp can play cs?
G2 Gozen Aug 14 @ 1:54pm 
guys how can i unlock all achievements i didnt understand
Sometimes u will got your drop after 20min, sometimes after 6days and 22hours. It is still VALVEs random drop system.
The longer you idle, the higher the chance to get a drop. Cause we have an optimized setup for the highest amount possible of valid matchends.
I can smell you Aug 9 @ 8:45am 
24 hours no drop is this bug, normal or just unlucky?
@ ᕮᐻᓿֆᏨᕮⱤᗩ₸ỌƦ:
Hey! Thanks for the report, but it's just a bug. It looks like they get always the same drops, but it is really really really just a bug. Since years!
something is fishy with the system, some same players constantly getting drops, while i'm in the same lobby for ages getting nothing..
Gravity Believer Jul 9 @ 8:34am 
i got the same error as @Mojo, but connecting throug console worked for me :sbhappy:
@Mojo: That sounds strange. o_0
63/66 slots and the most time of the past days it was the same. Could be a prob on your side. But if #1 and #5 are working... i dont understand the error for #3

Sry! :/
Patrick Star Gaming Jul 5 @ 7:53pm 
yes but it still shows me this message :(

most of the time just 50% usage
have u tried to restart steam after that error?
chris Jul 4 @ 9:48pm 
evert server full :(
Patrick Star Gaming Jul 4 @ 9:56am 
when I want to connect to server 3 it shows me you can only connect to this server from a waiting room why?
On every server!
_Natural_ Jul 2 @ 4:03pm 
cases drop on the 5 server?
*me-Shoe ✪ Jun 28 @ 11:41am 
U r welcome!
Thx for your patience and for the report!!
Zgubidan Jun 28 @ 11:40am 
Seems to work now, ty!
*me-Shoe ✪ Jun 28 @ 11:23am 
Feel free to test the servers now!
*me-Shoe ✪ Jun 27 @ 11:09am 
i will check it, thx
Zgubidan Jun 26 @ 11:38pm 
Yes, it's not working, pls check.
gravis Jun 26 @ 10:12pm 
Something wrong with your servers. Check it plz.
bypass Jun 26 @ 7:33pm 
Are the StatTrak boosting servers not functioning? They seem to be online but the server itself only seems to function as a 3v3 deathmatch of sorts
i can't say sth for sure. We have to wait a bit to be clear!
MCKiller308 Jun 26 @ 6:20am 
Yo guys, since steam summer sale I don't get the drops from CS:GO, do you have similar issue?
Our servers are back online WITHOUT any stability guarantee! It's a community quick-fix that worked for us!
Ok! The servers would be online, BUT: the newest CSGO Update let the server crash running with sourcemod. But without sm we cant provide u the idle experience. Sry!

We have to wait for an update!