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Live ... That's all l can tell you

Each day shall end as it begins and though l am far away from you, l will persist,drop my poundage and reunite with you. Even if you're in the darkness, l will find you, you will find me; if l finally choose. If l finally choose to let you inside me; if l finally want to return back home. In hindsight, l have done only wrong while being away. Do l want to be ultimately cured? Each day shall end as it begins but with You, everything will be eternal; just like how it is meant to be, your unconditional love is unparalleled.

Us humans, we never had and never will have the right to complain about anything. God has given us His gifts and He will always give, instead of complaining, we should be eternally grateful whether good or 'bad'.

Why are you still looking? You got everything you need

Always wanted to make a game based on Thief(1999) and Artificial Academy 2(and among other games l can't remember). Either 2D(easier for a beginner?) or 3D.

All controversy begins with DOUBT

Nothing is meant to last aside from only one thing that only One can give.

Oh my... are you interested [] on me?
" Let us rejoice and be glad in this day which the Lord has made " Psalms 118

Macedonia is and always will be Greek
Don't forget that

The world used to be whole
The world must be made whole again!
Make us whole again!
Throughout history,suspicion has always bred conflict. The real conflict, though, resides in people's hearts.
l have chosen to embrace it
Carpe diem
eid lliw uoy taht rebmemer
Gasp The enemy
Don't forget me
The clock is ticking as speak, what are you going to do about it? Find yourself and return to Him before it is too late
Hint: Often the best demonstration of strength is mercy . Choose carefully!
Hint : Don't get killed [] before you 'kill' yourself
Let every breath bless the Lord.
'I have the right to do anything,' you say--but not everything is beneficial. 'I have the right to do anything' --but I will not be mastered by anything.(Corinthians A' 6:12)
"When you don't believe in God, everything is permitted, and mainly at the expense of the other , nothing is permitted at the expense of my own"
The one and only governor, an example of us all, Ιωάννης Καποδίστριας.
Death is no more, only joy for eternal life and the Resurrection of Christ!

The most important thing is to continually seek help from Him
Pity, dear soul!
Why did you imitate the first Eve?
You looked sly
and you were bitterly hurt.
You put your hand on the tree to get the fruit.
And tasted with insolence
the delusional food (sin).

Handholding? [] Very cute, l like. Indeed it is
The epitome of a badass character is Momoko Koigakubo [](Dub), truly, no one can surpass her; not in looks, not in personality , nothing.

death and that you can't do anything without God
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About me
Not required but recommended to listen these if you're reading this profile, l believe it amplifies the reading experience , l personally read with music playing in the background.

You only need three minutes to finish this reading once and for all--------__Play this if you ever thought of adding me, assists in choice management---------__Why would you deny love since it is free?---- Useful for calm/thinking moments----_Are you telling the truth ?----- Don't mess with Konoko ---- Closing theme after a work or a day is finished----Artificial Academy 2 Passion , what else?----- Romance tracks are legendary in games----- Spent too much time reading here------ Waking up unsure ?---- Watch closely and guide me --- Pacifist against all odds(Iji, unexampled game) ---- Timeless lyrics in our lives, question ourselves,

When you join the dance,see that you will finish it properly and never ever give up on it
Be happy that you have work, that will keep you going throughout your life. Learn to think like that and nothing will ever stop you from completing your work

Never stop trying to find the truth, there is only one truth and it is absolute,that truth will set you free

"From my youth many passions fight me, but you are my Savior [], take me and save me."

"The world only believes what the media tells them to believe"
Do you know what Carnival means? Not masks or costumes but "Carn" means "flesh" and "levare" means "putting away" . In other words, putting away the meat. Abstaining from eating meat. Twisting words and meanings, who does it? l let you figure it out.
When the majority was right? Majority was, and will be always wrong.
"Move towards ideas that will actually help"
"Our thoughts determine our life"
"My frigid heart, the only thing that melts it is just your love "

Hint : Often the best demonstration of strength is mercy . Choose carefully!
Hint :Don't deny love because it is the only thing that is free
Hint : Don't get killed [] before you 'kill' yourself []

"I will go to the trenches and wait for the truth there. Because the truth is coming!
We are fighting for the truth . That is why we are alone . But that makes us strong. We are the strongest humans in the world!"

"No, l am not fit for a politician. I have my own ideas, I have my own beliefs and politics does not believe in anything. Or rather, they believe in everything "

l say, a work that was made with unnecessary or forced haste is worse than a one that wasn't made at all. Because if you are given or want to do something, you better do it with a 100% effort and with love into it or just say you can't do it.

Now some things about me in gaming
*l mostly play just about any game though my favorites are CO-OP games(Resident Evil 5 and 6 are good examples but the prime example is Metal Gear Solid:Peace Walker, nothing can match that game's co-op experience . If only developers could try to match it) and stealth ones.
-l love old school games especially classic FPS ones( like Goldeneye 007 (N64), Nightfire 007,Timesplitters,NOLF to name few)
-Do you play SWAT 4? Another very good co-op, have the Elite Force Mod and you can play online while spamming bangs with your grenade launcher and yelling "POLICE! ON THE GROUND", "Too tight for you eh?"
-Hand to hand, the basis of all combat and ONI delivers that experience with a female style touch gracefully
- l always liked school setting games, the feeling of living as a student and managing your life as well your studies is truly intriguing . Of course, it's also relatable, extra points for that, for sure. Although the idea of me making a school setting game with the ability to live an artificial life of a student with freedom of choices may seem superficial [] and even impossible, l will always remember the concepts of games l liked that had school setting in them, namely Persona and Artificial Academy 2. They are surely more but that's what's in my thoughts so far.
- You haven't seen all games, not until you have played Lifeline(PS2) and Shadow Of Memories
-Ghost Stories Dub, enough said. Jesus Girl(Momoko) bless us
Interests and hobbies

-l like reading books especially the Bible
-l adore old cartoons particularly Lucky Luke (in greek also) and The Addams Family (especially the 1992 version with my most favorite Wednesday Addams)
-l don't mind if you wanna chat with me, if you're not busy we can chat if you want
-My most favorite colors are Black,blue,purple and white
-l like comedy,romance,action,spy movies but cartoons as well


Dark times are upon us,
distrust and injustice
phantoms of the past await, but
try as they might,
they won't sway me from the light!

It may show that I may not know everything about law right now,
yet I'll see that justice is served somehow.

No, I won't let you hide the truth!
I'll perceive it and see it through
I'll keep pressing on until
there, but wait, the contradictions are long gone and still

Justice isn't sided,
you and I unite
I won't let it die here, no
We'll draw the truth out and proclaim it aloud!

Don't you think it's time to understand?
to decide not to stay still?
feel the voices that sell futile riches,
the delusion of the power that'll wear out the air...

Do you think your life belongs to you
under the rule of covetous men?
feel the voices that wish to find peace
and that are stifled by the powerful kings of darkness

i can't be cool trapped in chains
i can't be cool with eyes closed
i can't be cool in the arms of a world drowned
in the violent acts of humanity

i can't be cool without words
i can't be cool without reacting
i can't be cool because i already know that indifference
closes the doors of humanity

if you wish for another reality
you'll have greatest gift
it'll be your freedom
feel it...

Let every breath bless the Lord.
Πάσχα [], a day of joy and the feast of feasts. [b
Review Showcase
A game like no other, people misunderstand it or just think it is bad/basic But under the hood, if you look closer and actually look at the small details instead of dismissing them, you will find an unmatched experience.
It is a game that focus on gameplay first but with its subtle genius storytelling, it manages to explain lot of details in a small time frame and without showing cutscenes. The game is full gameplay, whatever you understood during the battle, is what you got from it.
Everything from audio, voice acting, mission design with proper flow and teaching makes this game a rare gem found in the gaming history. l am certain not even the sequels will ever match EDF 4.1
At first it may look like a B movie plot, however this time is different. With its proper voice acting and alive NPCs allies, the game is an immersive experience. Its subtle style is the key here. Even the title screen theme explains exactly how you feel in this game Ah, the feelings of this game. As you go on the missions, you start to feel differently each block of missions with the last block being especially created to tire you out. Environment changes, NPCs allies from confident become filled with grief and desperation. Their lines become increasingly more desperate the further you go down but morale is still high. And why it wouldn't be when you have proper chants, unlike any other game.
There is no need to say anything more about it, you must experience it.

As for gameplay. Fittingly with the game's story, the difficulty can spike depending on the missions. Game wants you to play on Normal but overall makes the game tedious all because the weapons you find from enemies are low level. Its systems though wants you to play on Normal linearly to gather armor and experience (knowing how enemies work). With proper teammates(online mode) and/or perseverance (offline) starting on Hard seems the best course of action. As it contains a good challenge but the spikes can hurt you for sure .
Game can feel random especially at higher difficulties due enemies becoming faster, hitting more and harder. At times, the game can be insanely infuriating; online mode, if not filled with players, becomes really hard Enemies are tougher in online mode and being solo there, still retains the difficulty. Either you go offline solo or get a team before starting a mission as any mission in progress doesn't let you join in.
One major flaw is the NPCs allies durability. As in every power fantasy game; your allies are useless, you do all the work and they get only a few seconds of spot light. Thankfully there 2 mods in Nexus mods, that make your allies tougher and stronger. Really important to have during online while waiting for players to join in. It also makes the experience more joyful. All the NPCs dialogue are amusing and give character development despite being short dialogue.

A game that must be played with coop partners. Solo can be fun but not for long, all the action and gadget's uses are in the coop part.
PS: The video of "Genius storytelling EDF" made me interested in this game despite being spoiled. However, the experience and the feelings of it are what it matters.
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Just a schoolgirl with a rocket launcher
Screenshot Showcase
Follow her example, the actual truth

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