†~We Love Ânîmê ~† Otakubase
†~We Love Ânîmê ~† Otakubase
December 29, 2012
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Welcome to We love Anime, the best anime & manga related group on Steam!

We love Anime is the place to be for discussions about anime, manga, games and the Japanese culture. Our goal is to bring Otakus from all over the world together in a lively community where discussing anime & manga is the coolest thing in the world and doing it along with your friends is the best part of it!

We also have some exciting news to share! We have recently partnered up with Narutobase and created an exciting new anime forum called AnimeBase, thus establishing an amazing cross-platform anime community with a major presence on Discord, Steam, Youtube and forums. Be sure to check Animebase out!

Join our Anime & Gaming Discord! We're partnered with Discord!

And speaking about Discord... we are proud to say that we have now more than 90,000 members, all anime fans from every corner of the globe! On our server there are always events, activities and interesting discussions that are sure to keep you coming back for more! Don't miss out!
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We're on YouTube!

Hey I hope you all had an amazing holiday, I am here with interesting news! :heartris:

We're finally starting to expand to YouTube, and our journey there is officially starting from today. You might be wondering what this means, but I am not here to take your time, nor am I here to spoil anything, so I will let you find out on your own. What you simply have to do is...

Check the link below and hold on tight! :heartris:

WLA new mascot!
Join here:

------------------------------------------------------| :heartris:
We Love Anime new mascot!

This weekend, Sunday (12:30 PST), our amazing artist, Kuno will be drawing us a new mascot! :heartris:

You can be there and watch him draw our mascot since he will be LIVE on Twitch while doing it! This means that you'll be able to suggest things that could be implemented on the mascot as well, and help us shape the face of the future largest Anime Network online! :steamhappy: <------- That's his Twitch channel, follow him! :woodlehappy:

We'll be doing a giveaway on his stream as well, it'll probably be in the end of the stream, but you'll find out when you join! :steammocking:

If you don't know when 12:30 PST is in your time zone, simply go to Google and type: 12:30 PST to (country code) time. For me, I'd have to type: 12:30 PST to DK time, and I'd get the time for Denmark! Keep in mind, that we'll soon be releasing t-shirts and hoodies as well, so being there to give inputs on the mascot would be smart! :steammocking:

Kuno and the Staff of Anime Base is looking forward to see you all there, Sunday!

Don't forget to join our Anime & Gaming Discord!

Join our Discord community! We're the only verified anime community on Discord with more than 75,000 other gamers and otaku fans. You will be able to discuss everything from anime to gaming and memes. We're a friendly community with a bunch of active chatters who're spending time together daily, and we always have space for more friendly souls.

This is where all the fun is going on: :heartris: :heartris:

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Okuma Rey 47 minutes ago 
Feel free to add me if you play Dota2|CS:GO|8 bit game
Lucía 1 hour ago 
Feel free to add me!

I'm pretty friendly and kind with everyone, If you want to know more about me you know what to do ♡
Okuma Rey 1 hour ago 
I'm looking for a new people who would like to chat and make a friendship~
You are welcome as long as you are not a friend collector :rwHappy:
[HGS] N0F4c3 1 hour ago 
Looking for a slutty pet / slave to serve me whenever I need pleasuring~

I'm into BDSM and I'll get into that once you've added me.

Regular friends are also welcomed, just tell me the reason once I accept you and I'll know if it's to be my pet or not.
༺๑Akuma๑༻ 1 hour ago 
I'm looking for a new people who would like to chat and make a friendship~
You are welcome as long as you are not a friend collector :nekoheart:
Add me ~