†~We Love Ânîmê ~† Otakubase
†~We Love Ânîmê ~† Otakubase
December 29, 2012
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Welcome to the We Love Anime community, the biggest anime related group on Steam!

Our goal is to bring Otakus, Anime fans, and gamers from everywhere around the world to one place! This will give them all an oppertunity to connect to people with similiar interest and make friends for life! Together they can share their opinions about Anime, Manga, games and Japanese culture. We hope to inspire people to help spread the word, We Love Anime.

We have a great discussion board including conversations about the latest Anime series, Manga, Visual Novels, and even fun Anime discussions to help you take part in community right away! Feel free to create your own posts in order to ask questions or recommend your favorite anime! Don't forget to participate in our Search for Friends thread if you are in need of meeting another Anime lover in our Anime community!

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Besides from being the biggest Anime group on steam we also offer you to take part in our Discord! If you want to take the community life to a whole different level, then you better join our Discord server! You might be wondering why, and that is totally understandable! Discord is a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming! However, we're also using it to run our community there, so you better join! We have more than 25.000 anime fans in our Discord server!

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Looking for people to play with?

We decided to run a PUBG only based Discord server! You can join it, get ranked and find players with similiar rank as you! It's time for a lot of chicken dinner and finally be able to find people to play with! So if you're a PUBG player, you should definitely join!

Since this server is new, we're also looking for staff to run it! Staff will be responsible to give people their ranks and make sure people are following the server rules! Hurry up and join :heartris:

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Winners of Anime Quotes!

All winners are mentioned based on their Discord username!

@Fang------------------------Dark Souls 3
@Princesa Nekomimi----Dark Souls 3
@Melodia#8093------------Random Steam key
@Kawaii = Cancer---------Random Steam key
@Iso--------------------------- Random Steam key
@Neemz-----------------------Random Steam key
@pieStardust----------------- Random Steam key
@MasterDeemo----------------Random Steam key

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Join our Discord community with more than 26.000 other gamers and otaku fans. You will be able to discuss everything from anime to gaming and memes. We're a friendly community with a bunch of active chatters who're spending time together daily, and we always have space for more friendly souls.

We're also currently looking for new Steam moderators, so if you want to have a chance in joining the Staff Team on our group on Steam, you'd have to hop on our Discord and start introducing yourself to the rest! :heartris:

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« Rose Queen » 7 minutes ago 
:Speech_Love: feel free to add me :Speech_Love:
:koikoijapan_kazaguruma: i accept everyone :koikoijapan_kazaguruma:
:FruitPudding: lets talk anime :FruitPudding:
Anzu 15 minutes ago 
Feel free to add me (level 300)
remune 23 minutes ago 
*leaves comment about pressing the add button*
Kelly 45 minutes ago 
💕 feel free to add me 💕
✨ leave a comment so I don’t somehow ignore you ✨
🎮 mainly playing overwatch 🎮
❣️ if you added me, msg me for discord server ;o ❣️
✠ Lowscythe 46 minutes ago 
Feel free to add meee:slugheart:
Deub 50 minutes ago 
:dqportal: Rate for Rate :dqportal:
:dqportal: Fav for Fav :dqportal:
:dqportal: Comment for Comment :dqportal:
:md_heart: Feel free to add me cutie!!:md_heart: