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MOD-ID TAG = #855089938
DESCRIPTION = HUD customization
SUMMARY = Various UI components are enhanced to provide faster on-screen detection of gameplay features or contexts.

Get ready for a wild ride into a revamped interface where theme(s) of carefully planned colors/designs can help determine what is in focus or give qUIck (;) hints about which symbols mean this or that or whatever else.

For those familiar with my library of XCom2 Mods, you'll simply switch to a similar concept yet adapted to specific LW2 conditions & elements. (( qUick_RCP & qUick_FIX are no longer needed while you play LW2 - so de-activate them, btw! ))

To appreciate all it has to offer, everyone must use the SwappImg ModTool (linked in the "Required Items" Steam section) -- and, install my LAByrinth mod too. The first hooks necessary custom images, the other supplies you with multiple other reference Tags & Strings that wouldn't appear otherwise - highly recommended.


Now that "Amineri" from Pavonis has officially confirmed any of my custom strings should work just fine as is, i no longer have to ask subscribers to perform (honestly, it was quite silly) Copy/Paste swaps from local folders to their LW2 structure.

As such, these localization files were thoroughly optimized and would directly update whatever is necessary. But a small warning.. this mod requires to be "Loaded/Subscribed/(re)Installed" after each Long War updating process. I'll honestly try keeping up with their cyclic nature and you will probably witness some Steam "de-activation" of this mod in the future -- which will mean i'm hard at work to adapt qUIck_LW2 as it should.


1) Continue developping many other components for qUIck_LW2, update LAByrinth (with new LW2 assets) & design fully dynamic + GFX-Flash/Compatible assets for GeoscApps.


(14/05PM) ; v1.3 compatibility pass,
-- Adding a variety of enhanced "MissionIcons" for the Events flow stack which makes their detection much easier!

(26/02PM) ; v1.2
-- Clearer re-Coloring of Geoscape Recruiting Notifications,
-- Psi-Operative Class name is Lavender, etc!

** Comments, Kudos?? Please join the discussion threads below.
** BUGs to report?? Post in the provided area, only!

As a bonus, you also have 99 custom SquadIcons to play with, have fun!

-- Zyxpsilon
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May 17 @ 10:04am
BUG reports & other concerns...
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Zyxpsilon  [author] May 14 @ 6:25pm 
Updated to match their new v1.3 assets while adding some stuff of my own! :)
boisegangpc Apr 21 @ 4:07am 
I hope Xylthixlm integrates those Shadow Ops Class Icons into the class pack. Those are awesome. Thanks for explaining!
Zyxpsilon  [author] Apr 20 @ 8:00pm 
I've already made a custom set (for another user) and sent it to xylthixlm... it's now up to him to integrate them as optional UPK assets.
Here's what they look like --- http://s1.postimg.org/xj347wqbz/Shadow_Ops_Classes_Preview_ZC.png
Secondly.. Officers? I was asked to create a special Ranks set before but it's too intrusive since they have small tag at the bottom which would clutter the coloring effect -- so they should remain with their default Cyan designs. The names use a much different system based on GFX/Flash functions & components ... thus, would be terribly harder to implement even IF Pavonis were to supply (us modders) with the necessary corrections to their scripts. Sorry.. too difficult at this point. ;)
boisegangpc Apr 20 @ 5:12pm 
Too bad there's no specialized versions of the new class Icons for the Shadow Ops classes :(

Also, do you know if you could make it so Leaders have Gold names or something?
Zyxpsilon  [author] Apr 7 @ 2:47pm 
Alright.. next steps of development.
I'll be adding a few more assets to the upcoming version (just waiting for Pavonis to release their v1.3!) & inserted a preview of concept phase Icons that will now show up in the Events bottom tracker.
These makes it a lot clearer which upcoming mission types are presently active. Specially with the multiple GOPS & Council... most would now be unique symbols representing their "Objectives".
Thoroughly tested and working fine!
[TuP]tammi Apr 6 @ 12:07pm 
well . . i can uninstall them now, i don't know what i did. the game don't warn about missing content (this mod) at the first time. but now it warn and they're successfully uninstalled
thks for the response, btw, and sry for my bad English
[TuP]tammi Apr 6 @ 11:57am 
i also already deselect and unsubs LAByrinth and SwappIMG
Zyxpsilon  [author] Apr 6 @ 9:27am 

The tricky conditions you're experiencing are mostly related to how XC2 handles caching of runtime stuff.. again, nothing we Modders can do about this. With time, that Cache gets optimized and newest Saves aren't affected by this weird code demands for tight GFX stacks. Considering LW2 extensive library of additional graphics (Aliens, Weapons, HUD, etc).. some hardware limits can certainly be reached.

Sorry. Can't help further. Good luck.
Zyxpsilon  [author] Apr 6 @ 9:27am 
Given the high amount of custom GFX assets supplied by this, it's "normal" some PC systems (along with many more MODS that add various graphic elements) can have noticeable impacts on performance. Nothing i can really do to fix such issues other than suggesting a better (faster) video-card or bigger RAM (virtual OS stack would help there as well).

Secondly.. even if you uninstall "qUIck_LW2" but keep "LAByrinth" there are still a few GFX components active. While "SwappIMG" doesn't add any GFX by itself, the extra Tool should no longer be needed either.

[TuP]tammi Apr 6 @ 3:41am 
even i load the old save game that i didn't even install this mod in that time, the colour icon things still apply on there