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MOD-ID TAG = #855089938
DESCRIPTION = HUD customization
SUMMARY = Various UI components are enhanced to provide faster on-screen detection of gameplay features or contexts.

Get ready for a wild ride into a revamped interface where theme(s) of carefully planned colors/designs can help determine what is in focus or give qUIck (;) hints about which symbols mean this or that or whatever else.

For those familiar with my library of XCom2 Mods, you'll simply switch to a similar concept yet adapted to specific LW2 conditions & elements. (( qUick_RCP & qUick_FIX are no longer needed while you play LW2 - so de-activate them, btw! ))

To appreciate all it has to offer, everyone must use the SwappImg ModTool (linked in the "Required Items" Steam section) -- and, install my LAByrinth mod too. The first hooks necessary custom images, the other supplies you with multiple other reference Tags & Strings that wouldn't appear otherwise - highly recommended.


Now that "Amineri" from Pavonis has officially confirmed any of my custom strings should work just fine as is, i no longer have to ask subscribers to perform (honestly, it was quite silly) Copy/Paste swaps from local folders to their LW2 structure.

As such, these localization files were thoroughly optimized and would directly update whatever is necessary. But a small warning.. this mod requires to be "Loaded/Subscribed/(re)Installed" after each Long War updating process. I'll honestly try keeping up with their cyclic nature and you will probably witness some Steam "de-activation" of this mod in the future -- which will mean i'm hard at work to adapt qUIck_LW2 as it should.


1) Continue developping many other components for qUIck_LW2, update LAByrinth (with new LW2 assets) & design fully dynamic + GFX-Flash/Compatible assets for GeoscApps.


(14/05PM) ; v1.3 compatibility pass,
-- Adding a variety of enhanced "MissionIcons" for the Events flow stack which makes their detection much easier!

(26/02PM) ; v1.2
-- Clearer re-Coloring of Geoscape Recruiting Notifications,
-- Psi-Operative Class name is Lavender, etc!

** Comments, Kudos?? Please join the discussion threads below.
** BUGs to report?? Post in the provided area, only!

As a bonus, you also have 99 custom SquadIcons to play with, have fun!

-- Zyxpsilon
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Jul 17 @ 6:14am
BUG reports & other concerns...
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Zyxpsilon  [author] Aug 27 @ 10:38pm 
To any of my 895 current subscribers.. that are still using this mod -- read carefully;

There's a VERY slim risk the newest v1.5 LW2-Update has introduced some "minor flaws" in a few text strings used by my mod. It should still work fine though.

BUT the timing is terrible, since i will be concentrating my energy & time onto WotC content that should affect each of my other Mods (LAByrinth, GeoscApps, SwappIMG, qUIck(s) & FLG, etc). Until i have applied important fixes to those (for a predictable week or two) -- i will return to LW2 related stuff.

Soooooo.. please be patient!
Zyxpsilon  [author] Aug 25 @ 7:11am 
Thank you!
rivian001 Aug 25 @ 3:09am 
Perhaps one of the most underrated mods I have ever seen, this mod is actually beautiful I praise the author to have time to both make and maintain a mod which makes UI so much more smooth. The other mods by this author are greats as well.
Jacke Jul 10 @ 9:13pm 
Thanks for the quick reply, Zyxpsilon.
Zyxpsilon  [author] Jul 10 @ 10:31am 
Must be there since that code still mimics what FIX did -- at least on my setup. She only shows up (as fleshy) within the research completed popups though.
Jacke Jul 10 @ 2:32am 
Have you incorporated all parts of your mod qUIck_FIX into this one? I noticed it doesn't seem to have the purple-faced Lily Shen fix.
Zyxpsilon  [author] Jul 8 @ 6:59am 
Nope.. anyone still can -- but, it has a reputation to "fail" at resolving conflicts when two mods are incorrectly slotted by the (default) Load-Order. Even my (necessary) SwappIMG system gets false positive detection from it.

Yet, the config folder "flaws" can have many other causes -- including direct attempts by other Mods to submit reset conditions to someone's Config settings.

For example.. people can't use my own qUIck_RCP or qUIck_FIX with **this** one, since they all are hooking at the same resources but not touching Config structure.
Bullett00th Jul 8 @ 6:33am 
so are you saying that I shouldn't be running this with alt mod launcher? I don't know of a way to change load order in the default launcher
Zyxpsilon  [author] Jul 8 @ 6:29am 
Hard to tell if qUIck has some inherent "flaws" that would prevent Class Icons from updating correctly under certain conditions. Although there might be a specific conflict with another installed Mod or Steam launcher & its weird "Load-Order" principles.
Since i use a custom Swapping tool to apply every changes at runtime (and on each startup).. i seriously doubt anyone's local "config" settings get accessed.

I'd suggest to verify if LW2 (or another mod) is listed ---after--- my mod while the default XCom2 launcher (and NOT the alternate version, btw) is being shown and is ready to box-select whatever you want activated.
Bullett00th Jul 8 @ 5:55am 
first of all thank you for the great mod, one of my favorites.

however I have to clean the config folder every time I launch the game, otherwise the class icons remain as is.
curiously the same happens to another mod, cost-based ability colors.

it's just a minor annoyance but still is one. any known way of fixing that?