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XCOM: Long War 2 Compatible Mods
Collection by Bluthund-Raziel
long fun war
Collection by Butcher
Всем привет, меня зовут Мясник, сдесь находится колекция моих модов на XCOM 2 Long War. Данная коллекция предназначена для веселого и более мение сложного прохождения. P.S. не работает с War Of Chsen!
LW2 Essential Mods (Long War 2)
Collection by PatientLandBeaver
My recommended essential LW2 compatible mods.
LW2 compability mods
Collection by YaRHoGoR
Лучшие и необходимые моды
Jen's LW2 mods
Collection by Dark Phantom
Jurre's LW2 collection (fully working at 19-04-2018)
Collection by Puremagi39
Collection by Butcher
LW2 Challenge modlist
Collection by Dezhra
My Ultimate LW2 Collection
Collection by witzlos
This is the mod list for my current playthrough. I am in lategame and everything runs smoothly so far. Would recommend to use alternative mod launcher Would recommend to play on rookie with enabled ironman mode Would recommend to tune down The MOCX In
Collection by va1205
Xcom 2
Collection by AlienR
fun game
ForceMithrandir LW2 Mods Esenciales
Collection by ForceMithrandir
Mods a cascoporro
Mein LW2 X-Com 2
Collection by BickMecK
NevikTheStoryteller's Long War 2 Mod List
Collection by Apple Juice for the Merry
XCOM2 LW2 compatible mods
Collection by Cyber Oto
My Long War 2 compatible mods that provide QoL, faster paced game, helpfull on-screen tactial information and gives you a good start in Long War 2
Long War 2 + mods
Collection by ViNT-1369
1. Rushan font fix. Правка русского шрифта. 2. Anarchys Children Extra Options Улучшает комбинации предметов из дополнения "Дети анархии". 3. Jagged Alliance Voicepack. Wave 1-4. Звуки солдат, ибо стандартные уже надоели. 4. Evac All. Позволяет эвак
XCOM 2 mods used on stream
Collection by ENDSVILLE
These mods are in use when I play XCOM 2 on stream : My Twitch channel .
Trial Run
Collection by AcesofDeath7
Тактический интерфейс в LW2
Collection by YaRHoGoR
Подборка модов для расширения и информатизации глобального и тактичекского интерфейса в LW2.
LW2 Run
Collection by Tiny Potato
Long War 2 Gameplay Collection
Collection by nappilydeestruction
Just mods that work with LW2.....
XCOM 2 Long War 2 Patch 1.5 (2019)
Collection by Shroomion
Working fine..
My personal Xcom 2 (non-wotc) collection
Collection by Lord_Matheas
a bunch of mods i enjoy using for kindred souls that own no dlc and just the base game
LtQuixotic's XCOM Long War 2 Mod List
Collection by LtQuixotic
Modlist for LtQuixotic's Long War 2 Playthrough
Collection by ScipioGermanicus
Tom's LW2 Compatible Mod List
Collection by Melvin Junko
SirDyzeALot's LW2
Collection by SirDyzeALot
Collection by (((Mavericus Contritum)))
Sampsa's Long War 2 Modlist
Collection by Sampsa
Для Михи
Collection by Butcher
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