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Collection by: akopytov2000
носить осенью
All of my random creations
Collection by: Clairvoyant.
Everything unrelated i have created ,goes here
Grilled Meat on a stick
Collection by: Recon
scout glass
Collection by: lCEGl PWWXHD
sorry dont have a pic for this but hope u all like it i got the name from the google glass and i desited to make the scout glass
Collection by: DarkB0B
jest fajna chyba!?!
Collection by: jovenes.villano
Super OverLoad
Collection by: Jamplifier
This is a misc for the soldier class. It is called the "Super OverLoad" It works as a drinkable item. It will... -Add/replenish 75% of a soldiers health -Increase Speed By 25$ -Increase Rocket Damage By 45% -1 Time Use Per Life -Will be active for...
"Tank of Gasoline"
Collection by: Aivenstruz_
Considering I had to draw this by hand, it's a really bad "3D" image. I have no 3D modeling program. But this is suppose to be a secondery slot wheapon. I alredy have some ideas for what it can do. But you can come up with other ideas of the effect it ca...
Christmas/Smissmas Items 2012
Collection by: spengebeb
Smissmas/Christmas items that may be in TF2
The Spy Inventory
Collection by: Segura
Hi, I'm Luke OMG, I bring the workshop objects game Team Fortress 2. It's about the spy and my objects are miscellaneous, I never add weapons or anything like that. I hope your enjoy my material.
tf2 killer pack
Collection by: WladimirPuta
very cool
carsons collection
Collection by: The L4G M4st3R
fun tf2
Collection by: popman64
the samuray
Collection by: naguel_34
the samuray hayyyy yaaa
the chismas
Collection by: naguel_34
the chismas jo jo jooo
Collection by: TraBMatik
Collection by: sh0k
Крутые перчатки!
Collection by: apoioaosdetonados
Uma colecao de um brasileiro fa de TF2
the muder gun
Collection by: a_sumanski
+29%healf +77%damge -10%ammo spical:zoom and headshots
Collection by: Abracas (AdO)
Vova's Collection
Collection by: DanKe
Эта коллекция принесет много интересного, Заходи!
Collection by: ✞ KILLING☣☢☠MACHINE ✞
General Winter cold valid
zombie killing weapon
Collection by: MâGñúm
Collection by: TRICKST★R | Trading
team fortress 2 item that makes the enemies bleed for 5 secs or cam make u have 10+ health on hit this can be a strange this is a basic of mine
Collection by: iainizer
Back to the future
Collection by: A Potato Chip
Lets go travel in time all the way to the future, where all of what the things are going to be like tommorow(or sooner or later). This pack is filled with laser guns and all hihg tech devices.
When Pyros Attack!
Collection by: President Pyro of Pyroland
Welcome to the Pyro Nation. Over 10 pyro collections for Valve to approve. So, you better run! or you'll be burned, slashed, crushed, sliced, and well..other stuff. So becareful of the Pyro army!
creeper head
Collection by: Ticotec1(QC)
it a creeper head just for the fun
Collection by: >:)
fgewfgwgwgbvwqea r2QCV 2Q UNA MIERDA V Qgwr btwv2qwv we va vs
the hidden act
Collection by: lava robot
what makes the hidden act interesting its looks liek a heavy but its for the backpack
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