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Team Fortress 2

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The Kind-Ler (Updated)
Created by Pants
Made to fight fire with fire, two special metallic cylinders held by molten rocks and a Brass rocket ready to displace the opposing team.. (Bullets not included)
-Updated! (Better Scope, 3d effect) (Has Sounds, Shoot and crit!)...
Created by Astute
[This item has been remade.]


"You decided it would be best to look ahead to the next point. Deep undercover, you count the enemies setting up near the choke point. A s...
Created by Svdl
A fancy electric sniper rifle with an actually working screen.

Also has jiggleboned antennas and wire.

Downloadable as a replacement for existing weapons here
La Polvora
Los enemigos deben saber de la tenacidad de los soldados que defienden sus hogares

The enemies must know the fierce of the soldiers that defend their homes...
Two Hand Cannon V2
Created by XylemTube
or here:

"I can tell you with no ego that this is my finest scattergun. If on your journey you should encounter Saxton Hale, he will be cut"


Credit go...
Crate Cutter
Created by zachL
*does not open crates

Comes with clean and bloody styles.

Sexy render by Tellahleiah

tags: box cutter, Breaking Bad, melee, knife...
The Brutinator
Created by E1 Studio
Tired of others not taking Team Fortress2 seriously?

Put on the Brutinator and show them you mean business.

This hat is inspired by a character from the pc game, Hoodwink:
Shipwreck Shooter
Created by Eternity
Cannon design based from both a 18th century ship swivel gun and a flintlock rifle....
The Shotgonator
Created by OinkOink!!!
Replace the old basic shotgun :D...
MarkII Sniper Rifle to go with the SMG MarkII. Features 2 fire modes:
No Pew

4 LOD's

Mod version:

Update: Fixed issue with vmt so effects work properly...
Space Operator
Created by Sparkwire
This revolver is made using a top secret australium-based alloy that lets it fire the most concentrated energy beams on the market.
However unlike those measly other energy weapons out there you wont be able to just crank a lever to charge this up, but rat...
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