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Tasty Thanksgiving Turkey
Created by Gadget
Tasty Thanksgiving Turkey

o Heavy Secondary Item
o 1 LOD
o 2 Styles (Whole & Bitten Off)

It's an edible turkey leg with two bodygroups for the whole and bitten off styles (like the sandwich).

Baby's first Silencer.
Created by Douchebag
Spy's gun silencer.
After recharge, instant kill.
Can use Hitman's Heatmaker's sound....
The Defender
Created by Aigik
Old but reliable, this sidearm packs quite a punch, and will make your enemy think twice before sappin' your sentry....
Exothermic Emission
Created by Sauron
A laser weapon for the pyro.

Model, texture, and compile done by me....
Psss Spy.
Created by Douchebag
It is not just paint. It is new Bio-tech innovation. Use by Spy turns enemy Engineer equipment to work for you....
Feather Duster
Created by Svdl
Fairly compact and hopefully silenced....
Bonk! Dark
Created by Zippy
UPDATE 4/28/2013! THIS PART IS ALL CAPS WHICH AUTOMATICALLY MEANS YOU HAVE TO READ THIS! Before you mention how similar this is to Crit-a-Cola. See the comparison image first.

It's like normal Bonk!, but just dark. Not dark in a evil morality way, but m...
The Inhaler
Created by Ducksink
Pyro mask inspired by an m17 and then turned into something..else

has 2 styles, one which paints the mask, and one which paints the pull on rubber mask beneath it.

2 lods too...
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