Tato hra dostala od komunity zelenou!

Komunita projevila o tuto hru zájem. Společnost Valve je nyní v kontaktu s vývojáři, aby se věci pohly správným směrem a hra byla vydána ve službě Steam.

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_gekkogaming_ 22. lis. v 10.50 dop. 
**Devtros** 1. lis. v 2.23 odp. 
Is this going to be free to play like in IOS?
[JRP]Oliver [BORDERLANDS & XCOM] 24. říj. v 10.34 dop. 
"As soon as Greenlighted ;)"

Liar. Spam. Report everyone.
Link The Fairy Elf 22. říj. v 5.30 odp. 
still not released...
EpicIssacPlayer 22. říj. v 3.48 odp. 
please make this a game
D-Luffy 18. říj. v 5.59 odp. 
When Is This Going Too Be Released Please I Been Waiting For It
(NMRiH BA's) Stark848 8. říj. v 5.13 odp. 
Dead Trigger 2 is being released for PC and Mac on October 24! Both Appstore and Steam versions will be available!
Toni F (FIN) 30. zář. v 11.00 dop. 
still not released?!
RandalMcdaniel 24. zář. v 12.50 odp. 
Why release dead trigger 1 instead of dead trigger 2? So dumb
Volkan96 23. zář. v 1.56 odp. 
so before this game come out dead trigger 3 is out on android xD
ThaTMagic 18. zář. v 4.42 odp. 
Can't wait for October 23rd!
Leo_is_naut_cool 9. zář. v 1.52 odp. 
bruh, its green lit how come its not out yet?
Cheryl 8. zář. v 7.45 dop. 
6 years later this page is gonna stay like this and only like this with a bunch of comments asking when will it be released.
Mαtt 5. zář. v 9.02 odp. 
So when is this game gonna be released ?
BrupcatBR Badass 5. zář. v 11.47 dop. 
this is already greenlighted, so why the fuck its not launched? retards.....
inigois 1. zář. v 8.18 odp. 
i played it on Facebook and is really awesome, i want this game
What game to play now? 31. srp. v 3.58 dop. 
PLEASE GREENLIGHT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What game to play now? 31. srp. v 3.58 dop. 
Dead trigger 2 is on facebook but dead trigger 1 is only for Android and iOS. Would love to see versions of BOTH without the FaceBook Virus!
ManBoobs 28. srp. v 8.00 dop. 
Its already out on Facebook for free, so I doubt they will release it here on Steam.
Goomben 23. srp. v 6.23 odp. 
when will it come out will it be free and will you also release dead trigger 2 on steam
rogeriodalmeida 22. srp. v 6.04 odp. 
(★ *..* CREAM *..* ★) 16. srp. v 5.22 dop. 
-•Ghost-LIN•- 15. srp. v 9.27 dop. 
It's coming out right now?
TheRealDealJoe 15. srp. v 8.43 dop. 
where the fuck is this game?
Facepalm 15. srp. v 5.24 dop. 
По скорее бы!!!
Rust Flexed 14. srp. v 3.25 odp. 
Tiobuenofriki 13. srp. v 5.13 odp. 
Eposz 12. srp. v 6.31 dop. 
xTeddy The Dog 11. srp. v 6.22 odp. 
hell no
Kubos  7. srp. v 1.36 dop. 
Hodor 6. srp. v 5.31 dop. 
Dead Trigger 2 exist you know guys
DMaon 4. srp. v 11.33 dop. 
█ ░░ Valve ░░░█
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DJFlacoEnt5 1. srp. v 1.22 odp. 
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ambulance80 31. čvc. v 4.56 odp. 
El juego esta bien, en android pero lo unico que es que se requiere un movil un poco potente, por lo demas esta entetenido.
Espero que lo saquen para la plataformas de ordenador.
Orge Lambart 29. čvc. v 3.45 dop. 
release date = as soon as greenlighted.... been greenlit for probably close to a year now.... lol
leeCold 26. čvc. v 4.12 odp. 
steam add Dead Trigger!
i want Pc playing
Weedian 24. čvc. v 4.00 odp. 
yea what happened ti this on pc? :\
Freddy 19. čvc. v 3.12 dop. 
i really liked the game on ios,but either they forgot about the pc port or cancelled it without taking the page down, or they are using steam for cheap advertising, what would be pathetic
Twizzle 17. čvc. v 8.50 odp. 
NG| theoriginalmres 14. čvc. v 12.42 odp. 
Looks like this isn't happening at least not anytime soon, if you look all of the videos they have they are all of the android game, not one showcases PC play. Which means one if 2 things: they haven't even started it/gave up on it, or its taking almost 2 years for a game that was made on a multiplatform engine where all you have to do is recompile your game for a different device
done 12. čvc. v 10.49 odp. 
what the fuck madfinger! release it already!
Edventuris 12. čvc. v 7.22 dop. 
wow. Madfinger, you are a great company, but for god sakes, atleast take this down!
deadmeat3gaming 5. čvc. v 7.47 dop. 
For those of you who want it now, try porting a iOS*** and an android version over to pc, to play through a window, then see how fast you can work
Time2BlazeIT 5. čvc. v 4.15 dop. 
I hope it will be deleted from greenlight.Thanks for your lie,madfinger.
UnforgivenCaleb 30. čvn. v 1.22 odp. 
So the game's on Android. And on iOs. It's even on Facebook... but we still don't have a Steam version. What gives?
[tFA] mc_dickes 26. čvn. v 11.05 dop. 
I can't unterstand Madfinger... They planned to release Dead Trigger and now Dead Trigger 2 is already on facebook and they want bringing it to Steam but where is DT now? and when does DT2 coming out? I waited for the Pc version of DT1 and DT2 since they came out but Madfinger Games still released nothing of that.
0yashiro-sama 21. čvn. v 7.13 odp. 
Thanks for the lies, Squarepants!
[{W4rw!}] 19. čvn. v 10.36 odp. 
ShatteringKatana 13. čvn. v 8.25 dop. 
Worst and most embarrassing figure ever, Madfinger. They should award you with a medal.
MiguelASO123 12. čvn. v 2.03 odp. 
It's been greenlit. Now where is it?