Ce jeu a été Greenlighté par la communauté !

La communauté a montré son intérêt pour ce jeu. Valve a contacté ce développeur afin de préparer la sortie de ce jeu sur Steam.

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TRIPPY BURGER 6 jan à 17h03 
its cool seeing mobile game crossovers come to steam
i agree with your statement 28 déc 2016 à 14h56 
Stay on your land, mobile game!
Noir 20 déc 2016 à 15h13 
I think it will never come out, because of dead trigger 2.
MrNuts70 4 nov 2016 à 8h21 
Where is the game!? A lot of us wanted it!! Come on! Don't forget about Steam!!
�Haleiwa� 1 oct 2016 à 4h09 
Come on! -.-
✪DDV 11 août 2016 à 10h05 
Look good but we will never see it on steam.
Noir 11 juil 2016 à 4h11 
yeah this is taking a while...
tAreqSm1Le'^^! 3 juin 2016 à 23h43 
seems like this will not be on steam :D
Sir. Archie Roberts 28 jan 2016 à 7h36 
**Devtros** 27 déc 2015 à 15h27 
MADFINGER Games won't probably release Dead Trigger on Steam. They have Dead Trigger 2 on Facebook. Download Unity: Web Player to play it, plus they resently released a game called "UNKILLED" which is almost the same as Dead Trigger series.
Josua070 3 déc 2015 à 7h24 
This game is dead for this platform. They released the sequel on Facebook. What an idiot they are.
S4taN 8 nov 2015 à 0h31 
@ Omega Quantum why is that?
☆☆ leetmae ☆☆ 27 oct 2015 à 6h46 
ive been playing this shit since the beginnning of time :(
[Cash.net] Mr. Payday 18 sept 2015 à 15h25 
Seriously? Why did they never release Dead Trigger 2 for Steam? This Greenlight is also pretty pointless..

Apparently they also released a new zombie game called Unkilled, but again not for PC..
Omega Quantum 26 août 2015 à 9h04 
It has been confirmed that it will not be coming to steam. Ever. Check their Facebook Page
Kakashi 16 juil 2015 à 18h44 
Please Just Give Us The Game Already Or Remove This From Greenlight
Zero Spike FTW 8 juil 2015 à 16h33 
yea, but the first is better.
Ken the Hoxton 23 mai 2015 à 19h35 
guys just start playing dear trigger 2 on facebook, it's already relesed for pc :P
YourShadow13 20 mai 2015 à 5h17 
10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years later..... still waiting.....
Terminatorn 19 mai 2015 à 18h48 
When is this coming to PC?
Katze 6 avr 2015 à 4h50 
When ?
Bloodring Banger 28 mar 2015 à 8h36 
TWD Kenny 9 mar 2015 à 19h57 
It's great that it's on Facebook (the second one), but I would still LOVE to play the first one on my Steam account, that way you guys could integrate better textures and beautiful looking environments with better sound effects and all that good stuff. You guys really missed out here by not abandoning this project- it was even greenlit, but no, you guys just threw this opportunity out the door and opted for a fucking Facebook game.

But hey, whatever floats your boat...
koikinya 23 fév 2015 à 14h31 
Yup, me too...
MrFourTwenty 23 fév 2015 à 7h34 
WTF ever happened to this game? I play it on my Tablet all the time and was looking forward to the PC version but it just never happened. Why in the world would they just give up all this revenue? Makes no sense at all. They seemed excited that they got greenlit but here we are 2 years later not a word.
bongo boy 15 fév 2015 à 15h14 
fuck u guys. this is my favorite series on mobile devices and i was really excited to see one of my favorite games on steam.
BlaXEr 27 jan 2015 à 15h39 
Release this shit already!
Palmole 5 jan 2015 à 9h16 
This is complete bullshit I have been waiting fucking 2 years for this piece of shit game now.... ive lost intreast now
[ROK]Gamer 5 jan 2015 à 0h59 
ahhh.... it is possible to release the app game on PC?
BigRaiden00 3 jan 2015 à 3h04 
After 2 years still no released. Madfinger what the hell are you doing?
bigyo108 24 déc 2014 à 12h26 
Relese ?????
Fear57 23 déc 2014 à 8h03 
Valve remove this, they have no intrest in releasing and refuse to answer any questions related. "As soon as it's greenlit!" Well it's been greenlit for over a year.
Czaczaczar 21 déc 2014 à 11h02 
How about we get Dead Trigger 2 with coop instead?
Mona 15 déc 2014 à 17h38 
Anyone knows when this game is gonna be released?
Engin 15 déc 2014 à 13h48 
What the frig?! i'ts still not released? i'm waiting like 2 years now -.-
Momomel 4 déc 2014 à 12h44 
MANnnnnn U SUCK !!!
TechnoPunk愛 2 déc 2014 à 9h12 
Yes..Bring It.!!!!!!!!!!!!
makEN^v^ 22 nov 2014 à 10h50 
**Devtros** 1 nov 2014 à 14h23 
Is this going to be free to play like in IOS?
We'll Bang okay? 24 oct 2014 à 10h34 
"As soon as Greenlighted ;)"

Liar. Spam. Report everyone.
ShamaloDXD 22 oct 2014 à 17h30 
still not released...
EpicIsaacPlayer 22 oct 2014 à 15h48 
please make this a game
Stark848 8 oct 2014 à 17h13 
Dead Trigger 2 is being released for PC and Mac on October 24! Both Appstore and Steam versions will be available!
Toni F (FIN) 30 sept 2014 à 11h00 
still not released?!
RandalMcdaniel 24 sept 2014 à 12h50 
Why release dead trigger 1 instead of dead trigger 2? So dumb
Punisher 23 sept 2014 à 13h56 
so before this game come out dead trigger 3 is out on android xD
Jay The Creator 18 sept 2014 à 16h42 
Can't wait for October 23rd!
Spectre Knight 9 sept 2014 à 13h52 
bruh, its green lit how come its not out yet?
noodle 8 sept 2014 à 7h45 
6 years later this page is gonna stay like this and only like this with a bunch of comments asking when will it be released.
Matt 5 sept 2014 à 21h02 
So when is this game gonna be released ?