Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

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Angrydroid 20 apr om 6:35vm 
still now green light?? wtf! This game would be great with mod tools oh my good! what a waste!
Psycho Brony 19 apr om 9:37vm 
You really disappointed a LOT of people by letting this game sit in greenlight for 2 YEARS.
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 16 apr om 5:02vm 
Still Wating For Key
Mr. Gency 13 apr om 10:56nm 
Remember when we thought we were going to play this on Steam.

Fun times.
[SoyFanaticoChile] Ashes 11 apr om 10:04vm 
And dead trigger 2???
The Grammar Nazi 10 apr om 5:29nm 
WHERE IS THE GAME YOU PROMISED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
☢ Colonel Shark ☢ 8 apr om 9:33nm 
Shackler 6 apr om 12:04nm 
i think, they forgot this game..
PixelWeegee 5 apr om 4:04vm 
Why they don't release it the game has been Greenlighted... I got an idea! Maybe someone can send a E-Mail to MADFINGER Games?
Dr.KillBill 4 apr om 12:23nm 
They Will Release it on this spring i thing
[λG] ΓXΓλNXΞ 4 apr om 2:40vm 
Matheus Evil Player 2 apr om 8:15nm 
Tive o Dead Trigger no meu celular (android). O game é muito bom no quesito gráfico, porém os objetivos de missões, começam a ser muito repetitivos e anjoativos! Ou seja: é um bom jogo, mas o risco de ficar entediado jogando, é muito grande...
ApAchen451R 1 apr om 4:45nm 
What about System Requirements and the Price?
Morbid Desire 31 mrt om 12:23nm 
Dead Trigger 2 is on facebook but I hate facebook so I won't play it there.
Bogs Binny 30 mrt om 12:19nm 
WAFFLETIME 30 mrt om 7:01vm 
Its never going to be relased guys they abandoned it for good
Fruit Dragon 24 mrt om 6:40nm 
Release it. Release it NOW.
Karsten_Hjaltelin 18 mrt om 6:24vm 
why dont you release this ? it have been greenlighted soo yeah why no release ?
Tagir64 17 mrt om 10:52vm 
Интересная задумка! Перенести игру с мобильных устройств в Steam!
balls attack 16 mrt om 10:54vm 
▐█▐██▐░▄▓▓▓▓▓▀▄░▀▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▌█▌ doge wants you to vote.
Ramirov 15 mrt om 3:19nm 

dead trigger 2 is now available to play on facebook, you just need the unity engine plug-in C:
daniil.malofieiev 15 mrt om 5:28vm 
Великолепная убивалка времени!
pylaochos 10 mrt om 5:34vm 
Still waiting.
Weeble Wobble 7 mrt om 3:09nm 
they tweeted that they are planning on releasing it during sometime in the spring :)
LOL 7 mrt om 3:33vm 
Игра больше затягивает, чем вторая часть во второй графика и физика утуплена
greasycl0wn 28 feb om 6:30nm 
as soon as greenlight... ;)
NEW LAST HOUR 28 feb om 8:14vm 
dead trigger 2 on steam plz
[H] CS:GO [W] 2k3rr 25 feb om 3:14vm 
DEAD TRIGGER 2 on steam

i will buy upgrades using steam wallet
BillysS 21 feb om 6:21vm 
Well, at least we get to play Dead Trigger 2 on PC.
TTHxRuthLez 21 feb om 5:11vm 
Gameplay of Dead Trigger 2 PC Version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it8tw5-D1as
Iacchus 20 feb om 9:19nm 
Dead Trigger 2 officially released on FB :l
I'm glad, but, I wish either 1 or 2 would release on steam already...
EGC.Drixx 20 feb om 8:59vm 
I think they have giving up on this one, Dead Trigger 2 is comming to Facebook.
Musesito 20 feb om 3:56vm 
se ve genial taria mortal que lo saquen en español
[OTAKU]~SirDark310~[OTAKU] 19 feb om 11:53vm 
Waiting... :P
[OTAKU]~SirDark310~[OTAKU] 19 feb om 11:52vm 
Is Free To Play???
jr.miqell 18 feb om 11:12nm 
well had this game when bought Galaxy 10.1TAB, but control FPS trough touchscreen is desperate.I am in real doubt when it come to perform with mouse'&keys......and when it will have to be scaled on 24" monitor rather than 10 inch Tablet
JackShao 12 feb om 9:47nm 
Is this some sort of free advertisement for your phone game? Will the PC version be released or not?
Gary C. Samuelson 12 feb om 7:36nm 
Fuck, when is this going to be released? Holy shit bro...
БаТяня КоМбаТ 12 feb om 12:58nm 
нахуй , этого калла еще в стиме нехватало , на андроиде наигрался
Matador ︻芫══一 9 feb om 12:43nm 
cuando estara disponible? lo quiero comprar
sherlock wafflez (RN) 8 feb om 2:54nm 
this is starting to sound like a prank from some hackers
Namikazee 8 feb om 6:53vm 
Edventuris 8 feb om 6:32vm 
will this ever come out? theres already a sequel to the game! its been greenlit for ATLEAST a year!
Kill-Cam Celebrity 4 feb om 7:25nm 
This was an iOS/Android game, so I'm really counting on it to run well on a PC only strong enough to run TF2 on high graphics at a solid framerate.
~5p@r7aN~ 4 feb om 12:56nm 
Dead Trigger is a Dead Game. now. moved on to better things than waiting for this crap ass slow ppl to release finally on pc. oh well. such a waste of time on a good game too.
Epic Sweden Guy 3 feb om 11:19nm 
We are all waiting.
a turtle 3 feb om 12:58nm 
Skyris11 2 feb om 3:29nm 
Alagarr 1 feb om 7:54nm 
I have been playing this on ios, and would really like to play this on pc/mac!
kleyton hunter 31 jan om 8:58vm 
will be good to see dead trigger on pc with improviments that are possible in pc,like full hd,world more detailed and etc