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deadmeat3gaming 5 Tem @ 7:47am 
For those of you who want it now, try porting a iOS*** and an android version over to pc, to play through a window, then see how fast you can work
Gabe 5 Tem @ 4:15am 
I hope it will be deleted from greenlight.Thanks for your lie,madfinger.
BloodScourge88 30 Haz @ 1:22pm 
So the game's on Android. And on iOs. It's even on Facebook... but we still don't have a Steam version. What gives?
I can't unterstand Madfinger... They planned to release Dead Trigger and now Dead Trigger 2 is already on facebook and they want bringing it to Steam but where is DT now? and when does DT2 coming out? I waited for the Pc version of DT1 and DT2 since they came out but Madfinger Games still released nothing of that.
0yashiro-sama 21 Haz @ 7:13pm 
Thanks for the lies, Squarepants!
W4rw! 19 Haz @ 10:36pm 
ShatteringKatana 13 Haz @ 8:25am 
Worst and most embarrassing figure ever, Madfinger. They should award you with a medal.
MiguelASO123 12 Haz @ 2:03pm 
It's been greenlit. Now where is it?
Efrael 2 Haz @ 10:09am 
Excellent on Android
Putin the SWAG 2 Haz @ 5:49am 
wtf its released on facebook
Gsterkos(ger/gr) 1 Haz @ 11:26am 
OMG this game is awesoem i also have it on my andriod cellphone and it rocks! i hope valve bzw steam will add this game !:)
Abraham[1UP] 31 May @ 9:42am 
Voted Good Game
Brontozaur Hipster 29 May @ 7:05am 
Make it faster!!!
SgtQuencher100 27 May @ 6:20am 
Guys, I think they advertised this to get attention for their Facebook version of Dead Trigger 2.. Just search "Dead Trigger 2 Facebook" without the quotes on Google and click the first link.
Skyris11 19 May @ 6:54pm 
friggin trooper 18 May @ 11:15am 
is that free?
Jarza | Panda.tf 17 May @ 5:54am 
Guys, I don't think this is real. Just look at the release date: "As soon as Greenlighted ;)". It's supposed to be "greenlit" not "greenlighted". This "MADFINGER Games" has not been online on steam for over a year.
henryfakesmile 16 May @ 9:16pm 
how the fuck can they hold off so long on this game , jesus , are they cancelled the project or stop wasting our time anticipating
Awesomest1000 15 May @ 8:20am 
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen 12 May @ 4:40pm 
God dammit this has been here for like 2 years. What the fuck is taking so god damned long
flix45 10 May @ 3:08am 
its already on ios and its pretty cool..
daddyman101 9 May @ 10:59pm 
Report this, get this off greenlight, they obviously dropped the idea
Digger 9 May @ 1:49am 
Yes,Good Game!!!
MaNiAcHacK[TH] 30 Nis @ 12:09pm 
Good Game
Mustard Tiger 27 Nis @ 2:41pm 
This vapid POS can stay on mobile. There's already enough garbage on the store page.
InfinityPortal 26 Nis @ 6:04am 
how long will it come???
Kosumosu Masaki 25 Nis @ 8:40pm 
if it did come on steam i wont play it
Angrydroid 20 Nis @ 6:35am 
still now green light?? wtf! This game would be great with mod tools oh my good! what a waste!
[LTR] Dragonknight 19 Nis @ 9:37am 
You really disappointed a LOT of people by letting this game sit in greenlight for 2 YEARS.
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 16 Nis @ 5:02am 
Still Wating For Key
Gency-Senpai 13 Nis @ 10:56pm 
Remember when we thought we were going to play this on Steam.

Fun times.
Ashes 11 Nis @ 10:04am 
And dead trigger 2???
The Grammar Nazi 10 Nis @ 5:29pm 
WHERE IS THE GAME YOU PROMISED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
☢ Colonel Shark ☢ 8 Nis @ 9:33pm 
Shackler 6 Nis @ 12:04pm 
i think, they forgot this game..
[DSG] DieSuperGurke Niclas 5 Nis @ 4:04am 
Why they don't release it the game has been Greenlighted... I got an idea! Maybe someone can send a E-Mail to MADFINGER Games?
T$E Dr.Killbill 4 Nis @ 12:23pm 
They Will Release it on this spring i thing
〖ΓΧΓΛΠΧΞ〗 4 Nis @ 2:40am 
Matheus Evil Player 2 Nis @ 8:15pm 
Tive o Dead Trigger no meu celular (android). O game é muito bom no quesito gráfico, porém os objetivos de missões, começam a ser muito repetitivos e anjoativos! Ou seja: é um bom jogo, mas o risco de ficar entediado jogando, é muito grande...
ApAchen451R 1 Nis @ 4:45pm 
What about System Requirements and the Price?
Illuminazi 31 Mar @ 12:23pm 
Dead Trigger 2 is on facebook but I hate facebook so I won't play it there.
Enixium 30 Mar @ 12:19pm 
WAFFLETIME 30 Mar @ 7:01am 
Its never going to be relased guys they abandoned it for good
Fruit Dragon [Ghevi] 24 Mar @ 6:40pm 
Release it. Release it NOW.
Karsten_Hjaltelin 18 Mar @ 6:24am 
why dont you release this ? it have been greenlighted soo yeah why no release ?
Tagir64 17 Mar @ 10:52am 
Интересная задумка! Перенести игру с мобильных устройств в Steam!
Balls Attack 16 Mar @ 10:54am 
▐█▐██▐░▄▓▓▓▓▓▀▄░▀▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▌█▌ doge wants you to vote.
Ramirov 15 Mar @ 3:19pm 

dead trigger 2 is now available to play on facebook, you just need the unity engine plug-in C:
daniil.malofieiev 15 Mar @ 5:28am 
Великолепная убивалка времени!
pylaochos 10 Mar @ 5:34am 
Still waiting.