Тази игра получи зелена светлина от общността.

Общността показа интереса си към играта. Valve са се свързали с този разработчик, за да се придвижи излизането ѝ в Steam.

„Зелена светлина“ се оттегля. За още информация относно това как да подавате игри към Steam, моля, консултирайте се с тази публикация в блога.
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I.A.A.N 6 януари 2017 в 17:03 
its cool seeing mobile game crossovers come to steam
Clownsniper 28 декември 2016 в 14:56 
Stay on your land, mobile game!
Noir 20 декември 2016 в 15:13 
I think it will never come out, because of dead trigger 2.
MrNuts70 4 ноември 2016 в 8:21 
Where is the game!? A lot of us wanted it!! Come on! Don't forget about Steam!!
ASSN5 1 октомври 2016 в 4:09 
Come on! -.-
DDVvV 11 август 2016 в 10:05 
Look good but we will never see it on steam.
Noir 11 юли 2016 в 4:11 
yeah this is taking a while...
tAreqSm1Le'^^! 3 юни 2016 в 23:43 
seems like this will not be on steam :D
Sir. Archie Roberts 28 януари 2016 в 7:36 
**Devtros** 27 декември 2015 в 15:27 
MADFINGER Games won't probably release Dead Trigger on Steam. They have Dead Trigger 2 on Facebook. Download Unity: Web Player to play it, plus they resently released a game called "UNKILLED" which is almost the same as Dead Trigger series.
Josua070 3 декември 2015 в 7:24 
This game is dead for this platform. They released the sequel on Facebook. What an idiot they are.
S4taN 8 ноември 2015 в 0:31 
@ Omega Quantum why is that?
3nlist 27 октомври 2015 в 6:46 
ive been playing this shit since the beginnning of time :(
Negan 18 септември 2015 в 15:25 
Seriously? Why did they never release Dead Trigger 2 for Steam? This Greenlight is also pretty pointless..

Apparently they also released a new zombie game called Unkilled, but again not for PC..
Omega Quantum 26 август 2015 в 9:04 
It has been confirmed that it will not be coming to steam. Ever. Check their Facebook Page
Zero Spike FTW 8 юли 2015 в 16:33 
yea, but the first is better.
Maya Fey 23 май 2015 в 19:35 
guys just start playing dear trigger 2 on facebook, it's already relesed for pc :P
jeff ok 20 май 2015 в 5:17 
10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years later..... still waiting.....
Terminatorn 19 май 2015 в 18:48 
When is this coming to PC?
Katze 6 април 2015 в 4:50 
When ?
Pretty Hate Machine 28 март 2015 в 8:36 
TWD Kenny 9 март 2015 в 19:57 
It's great that it's on Facebook (the second one), but I would still LOVE to play the first one on my Steam account, that way you guys could integrate better textures and beautiful looking environments with better sound effects and all that good stuff. You guys really missed out here by not abandoning this project- it was even greenlit, but no, you guys just threw this opportunity out the door and opted for a fucking Facebook game.

But hey, whatever floats your boat...
koikinya 23 февруари 2015 в 14:31 
Yup, me too...
MrFourTwenty 23 февруари 2015 в 7:34 
WTF ever happened to this game? I play it on my Tablet all the time and was looking forward to the PC version but it just never happened. Why in the world would they just give up all this revenue? Makes no sense at all. They seemed excited that they got greenlit but here we are 2 years later not a word.
bongo boy 15 февруари 2015 в 15:14 
fuck u guys. this is my favorite series on mobile devices and i was really excited to see one of my favorite games on steam.
BlaXEr 27 януари 2015 в 15:39 
Release this shit already!
Palmole 5 януари 2015 в 9:16 
This is complete bullshit I have been waiting fucking 2 years for this piece of shit game now.... ive lost intreast now
[ROK]Gamer 5 януари 2015 в 0:59 
ahhh.... it is possible to release the app game on PC?
SadRaiden00 3 януари 2015 в 3:04 
After 2 years still no released. Madfinger what the hell are you doing?
bigyo108 24 декември 2014 в 12:26 
Relese ?????
Fear57 23 декември 2014 в 8:03 
Valve remove this, they have no intrest in releasing and refuse to answer any questions related. "As soon as it's greenlit!" Well it's been greenlit for over a year.
Czaczaczar 21 декември 2014 в 11:02 
How about we get Dead Trigger 2 with coop instead?
Q 15 декември 2014 в 17:38 
Anyone knows when this game is gonna be released?
Engin 15 декември 2014 в 13:48 
What the frig?! i'ts still not released? i'm waiting like 2 years now -.-
Momomel 4 декември 2014 в 12:44 
MANnnnnn U SUCK !!!
TechnoPunk愛 2 декември 2014 в 9:12 
Yes..Bring It.!!!!!!!!!!!!
mak🅱oi 22 ноември 2014 в 10:50 
**Devtros** 1 ноември 2014 в 14:23 
Is this going to be free to play like in IOS?
Gamer691 24 октомври 2014 в 10:34 
"As soon as Greenlighted ;)"

Liar. Spam. Report everyone.
SenpaiDXD45 22 октомври 2014 в 17:30 
still not released...
EpicIsaacPlayer 22 октомври 2014 в 15:48 
please make this a game
Rager727 8 октомври 2014 в 17:13 
Dead Trigger 2 is being released for PC and Mac on October 24! Both Appstore and Steam versions will be available!
Nnaa~ 30 септември 2014 в 11:00 
still not released?!
RandalMcdaniel 24 септември 2014 в 12:50 
Why release dead trigger 1 instead of dead trigger 2? So dumb
Eclipse 23 септември 2014 в 13:56 
so before this game come out dead trigger 3 is out on android xD
Jahreal 18 септември 2014 в 16:42 
Can't wait for October 23rd!
Spectre Knight 9 септември 2014 в 13:52 
bruh, its green lit how come its not out yet?
noodlechu ✿ 8 септември 2014 в 7:45 
6 years later this page is gonna stay like this and only like this with a bunch of comments asking when will it be released.
ᵐᵃᵗᵗʰᵉʷ 5 септември 2014 в 21:02 
So when is this game gonna be released ?
BrupcatBR (FUCK EA) 5 септември 2014 в 11:47 
this is already greenlighted, so why the fuck its not launched? retards.....