Portal 2

Portal 2

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bullfrog Oct 23, 2017 @ 12:54am 
Excellent puzzle, design and integrated use of elements. I progressed quite well, but then got stuck for ages on the bit where you need to funnel across, then up Also, the ending I over complicated i.e. jumped to bottom of stairs off light bridge, walked up stairs and shot portal on wall in exit side, then rode funnel to exit side :steamfacepalm: – I suppose you could make a change to prevent me from looking stupid, but I wouldn’t bother ;). Big thumbs up and added to favourites.
Mr Vapour Waterhandle Jan 19, 2017 @ 12:20pm 
Good one!
qrioso Jan 14, 2017 @ 12:12pm 
Top level map. I was stuck for a long while. You should stay in the olympus of mappers along with Mevious and Gigopler. Thanks for this for which i had a lot of fun.
lfairban Dec 9, 2016 @ 10:49am 
You seem to be getting alot of my Favs.
tu7650x Oct 1, 2016 @ 2:38pm 
Yes!!! Gotcha! Finally solved it. Took me a good while but the eureka moment was awesome. This is one of the best puzzles ever. Belongs in the hall of fame along with Ben77's Polarity, HMW's Medusa Effect to name only a few.
zigzagtenniscoe Aug 26, 2016 @ 12:09pm 
Apparently I never beat this one either. Absolutely fantastic, clever, and challenging map. Tried it last night, couldn't figure out for the life of me what I was missing. I knew that by using the reverse funnel you could put yourself back in the main area and keep your portals, I knew you could drag yourself up by using the portalable surfaces on the top. But I missed the fact that I could suck myself through to the other side by using the portalable surface with the light bridge so I could switch to the light bridge and eventually get the cube onto the button opening the exit door. Today, once I figured that out, I solved this puzzle with ease. One of the best maps I'd ever seen, yet another classic example of a simple looking puzzle that isn't all that easy. Thumbs up.
Asha Man Feb 14, 2016 @ 4:37am 
Petutski Nov 10, 2015 @ 5:21pm 
Excellent logical puzzle. Feels great when you figure it out!
Anna Jul 7, 2015 @ 4:59pm 
You have taken revenge on my brain! <3
LoneWolf2056 Jul 7, 2015 @ 8:24am 
Very clever map, got stuck for about 20 minutes xD
Nobody No-One May 19, 2015 @ 12:12pm 
*moment! My computer keeps posting these comments too early.
Nobody No-One May 19, 2015 @ 12:12pm 
Nobody No-One May 19, 2015 @ 12:12pm 
I loved this map. Very enjoyable to solve because there is an "aha"! mom
quaternary Oct 26, 2014 @ 2:55pm 
great collab :)
batman Sep 12, 2014 @ 10:27am 
I can't believe i did it
Almisuifre Apr 14, 2014 @ 5:52pm 
When good puzzle makers team up, the result can be doubly good :)
Requiemsoul Feb 27, 2014 @ 7:11am 
Superb map.. as usual.
Stuntmanmyke Dec 18, 2013 @ 9:50am 
Very nice puzzle ! Good job :-)
wildgoosespeeder Dec 5, 2013 @ 11:31am 
Read my profile before reading the rest of my comment!

Looked at another KennKong solution video. Why do I overlook the simplest details? I really have to start thinking more about the simplest detail I keep missing. I really have to stop giving up and looking at solution videos because I feel so dumb looking at them when it was the simplest thing I never thought to do. Great map!

Try my SP map?
Try my COOP map?
-[ Q Q Z Z Y ]- Aug 31, 2013 @ 8:21am 
Azorae  [author] Aug 30, 2013 @ 3:37pm 
Crouch flying is pretty much nooby-Q strats
-[ Q Q Z Z Y ]- Aug 27, 2013 @ 8:14am 
crouch flying is a little bug but doing the actual solution felt fucking awesome
Special Agent Dale Cooper Aug 24, 2013 @ 3:06am 
This is an exceptionally well thought out puzzle. Awesome :)
Thank you!
Dafflewoctor Aug 2, 2013 @ 6:19am 
Took me over an hour, but it's the first map of yours I've actually solved on my own. :P
h99pilot Jul 25, 2013 @ 3:54pm 
Your map packs , as well as others, really test my reasoning. I was just wondering, does it make "your" brain hurt to make such a conundrum for the rest of us? I cant imagine doing this. Thanks to all of the designers.
Cave Johnson Jul 8, 2013 @ 6:32pm 
I love these type of maps reminds me of Mevious keep em coming
Geneosis Jul 5, 2013 @ 11:44am 
Once again I was messing around without getting how to do it... Until I noticed that I could just exit in the situation where I was XD
Haggis Jun 28, 2013 @ 9:31am 
I am ashamed to admit it, i had to look at KennKong's video. I got as far as placing the cube on the funnel button, then got stuck. When i seen the soltuion, it was a total banging my head with my fist moment :). I love hard maps that are totally logical to do. Not going to play anyone elses maps untill i have played all yours. Fantastic mapping.
kimist108 May 17, 2013 @ 8:42am 
Yea Me!
SkepticalDragon May 17, 2013 @ 2:13am 
I have sincerely been enjoying being stuck in your test chambers. Thankfully this is another one I can considered solved.
baphomet Apr 27, 2013 @ 11:11am 
Magnificent! I had enormous problems with this one.
Firedogx Feb 7, 2013 @ 5:52pm 
I find myself going into a never-ending circle on this map :|. It's painful ;_;

Obviously a good puzzle if i can't solve it
Ale Jan 14, 2013 @ 2:47pm 
thank you for this map, very good!
dneufeldt Jan 12, 2013 @ 10:52am 
great puzzle... I'm guessing that the reason for the low ratings is because noobs try them and get stuck and frusterated, then assume it's not solvable
Pomko Dec 5, 2012 @ 4:07pm 
I think I pulled off the same thing Frenetic did which was fun, but in the end I did everything the correct way simply because it was more reliable.
KennKong Dec 5, 2012 @ 3:50pm 
I must be getting tired. There's nothing new by way of tricks in this one (if you've played the rest of the series) but it took well over an hour for the light to go on. My kind of puzzle!
Extension by Azorae
Pluisje Nov 28, 2012 @ 3:43am 
Arrrch, as said before by my friend. Nice clean room.
SKIR! | JESUS Nov 21, 2012 @ 6:45pm 
good one. should be ranked higher
esmo Nov 11, 2012 @ 10:40pm 
medium/hard, the last/second part took the most effort to solve. cheers
Balapan Nov 9, 2012 @ 9:58pm 
Perfect job! I agree with Bbeoggjay2 that this map deserves to be one of the most priced maps.
gaden002 Nov 8, 2012 @ 10:28am 
Another one that stumped me for a while. I think it has to do with the repetiton of tasks that makes it hard to wrap one's brain around it. Very clever!
1980 Nov 3, 2012 @ 3:59am 
You monster, taking me more than 40 mins to figure it out. How on earth can you make this thing?! In fact, this map deserves to be as much praised as the most praised one of Mevious's. You're almost on the his level.
Azorae  [author] Nov 2, 2012 @ 11:40am 
That doesn't really bother me, as it's fairly obviously not intended and sounds rather difficult to do. Thanks for pointing it out, though
Calmly Frenetic Nov 2, 2012 @ 3:33am 
This one took a while to figure out :)
While trying things I found a way to skip the polarity part of the test, with a trick that uses the light bridge to roll the cube along the floor. It wouldn't have helped if there was no portalable floor in line with the fizzler button.
Gigopler  [author] Oct 30, 2012 @ 4:05pm 
And Gig :)
Skanus Oct 27, 2012 @ 2:31pm 
How does this only get three stars? Only other person who makes puzzles like these is Mevious.
Azorae  [author] Oct 23, 2012 @ 6:34pm 
No problem, glad you enjoyed it!
johndaggett Oct 23, 2012 @ 5:41pm 
ahhh thank you so much - i have no idea why i was blind to that.
did not realize i had provided a spoiler - blind to that too apparently (so i deleted my original question)
you make excellent maps.
Azorae  [author] Oct 23, 2012 @ 4:50pm 
If you place the funnel exit portal on the wall under the light bridge, you can ride it over the pit to the other side.

Please use spoiler tags when discussing solutions.
NiclO (- - ) Oct 23, 2012 @ 5:29am 
Indeed you are, and you do it very well! I hope your next map is even more of a challenge!

I wish I had the brain power to create hard maps. Most of my maps suck(kind of), I only like 3 of them but they are at best medium+ difficulty.