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I am a former critic on the Portal 2 Workshop, yet unofficially when I was active. One day I may return to Portal 2, but probably won't be a critic about it because it is just not worth it anymore. It's a real pit with 600,000+ entries , where it is a freak occurance something is decent. I have an ever-growing backlog of maps I want to play. Another reason I am not returning any time soon is not just for personal reasons, but technical reasons as well with how Portal 2 and the Workshop handles play history. It's a bug that needs fixing and hasn't been fixed in years since it was confirmed to me through Steam Support. Valve Time™ :steamfacepalm: Contraption Maker doesn't have these issues.

Contraption Maker is the second most played game in my library. I contribute to the Contraption Maker Workshop more than Portal 2. The Contraption Maker Workshop is way more managable with under 10,000 entries . There is a much higher concentration of great entries for play, which is very worthwhile. Also found some great users to be friends with by playing these entries!

I am also trying other games I have missed out on over the years. I have finally bought a GeForce GTX 1050 so I can play some of the high end games. It is compatible with my current computer for requiring only 300W (475W max output). A 1060 is possible, but that requires 400W, and that is pushing it quite close. I hope to build my own custom rig in the long term future. For now, the GeForce GTX 1050 will satisfy my needs.

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This is a collection of great puzzles I found while browsing around the Contraption Maker Workshop. Original authors, PLEASE DON'T DELETE YOUR ENTRIES FOUND HERE! We will all lose something special if you do! If some of these contraptions don't work or are
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Happy New NepNep Year! OwO :luf:
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"Found this developer with the Winter Sale discovery queue:

https://store.steampowered.com/developer/blendergames "

Me too, lol. Are you telling me because of their achievement spam games?
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Just a random assortment of parts.
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My profile has been changed to reflect current interests.
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