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Capitalism Player Trader
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Capitalism Player Trader

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Stackable modular Capitalism mod that enables you and your users to trade stuff to each other.

ModID: 873749349
- Spawn Codes
- Deactivate Engrams
- Table Settings (gus.ini)

Install requirements
That this mod works, this one must be loaded before it:
- Capitalism Currency [ModID: 747539326]

This mod bundles all the player to player trade based tables into one mod, to get detailed information for each table just click on the links below:

Compatible modular mods
- Capitalism Props Table [ModID: 771279262]
- Capitalism Research Table [ModID: 775049557]
- Capitalism Admin Table [ModID: 784166441]
- Capitalism NPC Trader [ModID: 873746971]
- Capitalism Bounty Hunter [ModID: 898472628]

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This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.
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[Karkan] Tecno
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Impulse  [author] Dec 10 @ 2:06pm 
@Crash to prevent other from same tribe to access the owner inventory and to prevent them from selling not personally owned dinos.
Crash Dec 10 @ 1:54pm 
@impulse, thanks for the amazingly quick reply. One follow-up question, what is that gus.ini: DinoTableOnlyOwner=false for then?

Also is there a way to disable the cost for food?
Impulse  [author] Dec 10 @ 1:46pm 
1. no
2. no, the table handles everything
3. then put coins into the owner inventory
Crash Dec 10 @ 1:33pm 
Few questions with the Dino Table.

1. If I have the gus.ini setting set to DinoTableOnlyOwner=false, does that mean other players can sell their dinos from the same table?
2. Does the dino have to be unclaimed to sell? Or does a tribe just post it for sale and it becomes claimable after someone purchases?
3. How do you feed dinos that are set to sale? I have the DinoFoodForMoneyModifier=5.0 because I basically want it to be free.
DarthHeidi Dec 10 @ 11:29am 
Thank you! You ROCK! Keep up the awesome work on your mods. Our server loves them and appreciates all your time and hard work!
Impulse  [author] Dec 10 @ 10:42am 
@DarthHeidi, yes i'm working on a solution. This is the culprint ->

Even WildCards own function to check if someone is viewing an inventory is crashing on server and client side...
DarthHeidi Dec 10 @ 10:26am 
Since the last patch no one can access player tables at all without crashing. We tried putting down new tables, trying old tables etc. Anytime anyone accesses one it crashes them or crashes the whole server.
💕 Sugarina Dec 3 @ 9:22am 
Did a short tutorial video on using two of the tables:
Impulse  [author] Nov 26 @ 3:21am 
@Deadly, it is fixed, but i can't release it without testing it thoroughly
Deadly Nov 25 @ 4:30pm 
@Impulse when do you think you will have bug for the custom buy and sale tables updated.. just wondering.. Thanks in advance..