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Capitalism Player Trader
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Feb 27, 2017 @ 12:19pm
Apr 24 @ 6:44am
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Capitalism Player Trader

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Stackable modular Capitalism mod that enables you and your users to trade stuff to each other.

ModID: 873749349

Install requirements
That this mod works, this one must be loaded before it:

This mod bundles all the player to player trade based tables into one mod, to get detailed information for each table just click on the links below:

Compatible modular mods

Additional Features
Monitor your trading system and maybe even use automatic price finding to auto balance your servers\' economy.

Server Discount
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May 31 @ 1:03am
PINNED: Servers Using This Mod
Aug 5, 2018 @ 11:56am
Other players able to see the owners inventory.
Jun 8 @ 10:18pm
help with dino table
< >
Slayerbeast5673 Jul 7 @ 1:29am 
When i spawn the dino table it gives me a note that i cant do anything with. Can anyone help me with this?
Gareth Swallow Jun 24 @ 9:55pm 
@impulse apologies for tagging you directly I am sure you are busy. I am looking to be able to sell the gold bars for coin. I believe the bars are from the RPEDDitions mod. I have seen iit on another server but I can't for the life of me get it to work. I put the gold bars in the box, create the contract but it doesn't seem to work. I am sure there is a setting i'm missing. Thanks
Pioyux48 Jun 18 @ 7:54am 
if you set the table to sell in pivado and with pincode, they can continue entering owner inventory and removing things
ZeroCoolest May 21 @ 4:38am 
I agree with arkthefirst, I'm running on a pvpve server where my friend and myself are the merchants, the only merchants. It would be nice to have a table or an option in the player table to allow the other tribes to come and sell their extra stuff to me.
Leventier May 17 @ 8:10pm 
Hello Impulse? Since you can use "Advanced Player Table" To Sell items to other players.... Can you add option to buy from other players at your asking price? in case if the trader is selling an item to high of my price range.... so I can now be able to buy from other's for cheaper price?
John Henry May 10 @ 6:03am 
Seems like you can buy items even if you dont have the required price from player table?
hldhstg May 4 @ 5:27pm 
@impulse I cannot seem to find the description you mentioned
Archer_997 May 4 @ 2:36pm 
@Impulse is it possible to show if a Dino have any mutations if it is offered?
Impulse  [author] May 4 @ 4:38am 
@hldhstg, there is a vanilla game.ini setting that can be used for that. I might have added a description of that setting in the engram mod discussion area.
hldhstg May 4 @ 4:05am 
is there a setting to change the engram cost?