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Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture
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Sep 16, 2016 @ 3:32pm
May 15 @ 4:35am
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Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture


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Over 200 versatile building parts
3 full structure tiers
-> Settler Tier = Wood equivalent
-> Villager Tier = Stone equivalent
-> Castle Tier = Metal equivalent

True no collision on placement.
Adobe Cooling on all parts

Change the cosmetic appareance on all parts with the click of a button!
Currently included cosmetic options are:

Castle Tier
-> Greystone, Mossy, Sandstone, Obsidian, Hellfire, Ice, Dark Matter and Wood
Villager Tier
-> Herringbone Brick, Old Plaster, Cotswold Stone
Settler Tier
-> English Oak, Elm, Sweet Chestnut

-> Material Quick Change Tool to quickly change the look and style of your castle from a distance.
-> Foundations snap from ceilings for easy building on uneven terrain and bridging
-> Ceilings can become foundations via INI
-> Auto opening and closing doors
-> Foundation support radius increased from 2 to 3
-> Directional Glass Windows (one-way or two-way glass)
-> This mod is 100% stackable and does not require priority

INI settings for GameUserSettings.ini

A more in-depth explanation of INI-settings and values can be found here

Mod Discord
If you're having an issue you can't figure out or just wanna hang out and maybe get some sneak previews of things to come, join our discord by clicking the image below :-)


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all structures gone
12 hours ago
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eNc | ExileAcid
15 hours ago
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eNc | Henrik
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Aki 14 hours ago 
Wondering if you can answer my previous comment:
Anyone here having issues placing the Villager Gate and Gateframe? I laid out Fence Foundations but neither will snap to it, nor the ground. What am I supposed to use??
I used the settler thing to put the gate on, but the gateframe will not snap to anything, nor place anywhere...
Fortterb 16 hours ago 
I think there is an issue with the stair railing, when trying to snap on 3 stairs it tries to snap acrross the middle one rather than on the side of it, can you please have a look at this, I love your mod that Millstone is awesome.
Hey if anyone wants something fun to do message me if you want to build some cool castle for me and some friends. I suck at ark building hahaha
Sphinx May 23 @ 6:49pm 
I was wondering if there was any kind of chest or cheat where you could just get X amount of each item in the mod. That way you dont have to just keep spawing things in and trying to find it in the list.
Cpt. Felly Sin: Wrath May 23 @ 1:06pm 
need wooden Corner stair ! x)
eNc | ExileAcid  [author] May 23 @ 9:12am 
@Prophet of Sotek
Try using the troubleshooting guide in the discussions to refresh your mof files if you can not see the engrams. :)

I would suggest trying the troubleshooting page in the discussion in case you have a mismatch, however there is also the chance that as you are running custom INI setting that disable the mod engrams that could be cause.
Prophet of Sotek May 23 @ 9:05am 
yea ive found it thanks... but now i cant craft nothing but this material gun.. problem is i can spawn it but not craft it..
Kham May 23 @ 8:16am 
@Prophet of Sotek not sure if you mean for the settings of the mod, or for spawning in items. But both are covered in pinned discussions. Just go to the Discussions tab at the top of the page.
Prophet of Sotek May 23 @ 8:07am 
do anyone have the admincommands?
Alpabarda May 23 @ 4:10am 
@eNc | ExileAcid Hi, In my server I have the engrams of your mod disabled, so that only people can build with the items that I give. When I deliver, for example, fundations, if the player does not place them and disconnects (having them in the inventory or in a closet) the Item disappears. Is this a common cause, or am I doing something wrong?