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Hearts of Iron IV

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Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod
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Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod

Useful Links

Discord: https://discord.gg/Mks846T
ModDB link: http://www.moddb.com/mods/millennium-dawn-modern-day-mod


Note that this mod is supposed to be played in English. No other localizations are natively supported.

If you want to help translate this mod, you can start a submod for your own language in case it doesn't exist yet.



Team Members and Contributors

There is an issue with Steam Workshop messing up ownership and rights in the Workshop, which is why I (Ted52) show up as the only author.
The following people have made invaluable efforts for the mod and deserve both your gratitude and your worship:

Ducky, Mathias, Walcanarus, Chricri3112, Jakob, Arvidus, Nadamas, Skjold, Stuffi3000, Kaiser1871, Grymic, Pvt_Larry, RickyZhangCA, Lord Tanner, FireEXe, Ozge Katip, TarmSpräckarn, StringStorm, Devillris, LittleHana, Austin, Derek, Gre, Pablaunz, Korw, JohnC14, UnnecessaryEnemy17, Chairman Meow, Gebbeth, PFiuza



Rule 1: Civility. We are all human beings, believe it or not. That guy who thinks Putin is a nice guy? Human. That Hillary supporter over there? Human. That communist raging on about the capitalistic establishment? Human. Treat each other well and you will be treated well.
Rule 2: Don't open unnecessary threads. Feature Requests, Bug Reports or Flag Suggestions go into their specific discussions.
Rule 3: Mods will use "Decision final." or "Discussion over." if a certain topic does not reach a natural conclusion. Please don't continue such a discussion.
Rule 4: The Comment Section on this mod is not for prolonged discussion. Wanna drop a quick question or a message to the developers? That's fine. Wanna discuss the possible socio-economic effects of a neo-fascistic society? This is probably not the place for it; but the comment section is DEFINITELY not the place for it.
Rule 5: Avoid political soapboxing or political philosophy wherever possible. It is unavoidable when discussing controversial topics that some users will have one opinion and others will have another. In this case, try to stick to the topic at hand and, above all else, stick by Rule 1.
Rule 6: Personal attacks, racism, sexism, homophobia or other forms of bigotry will not be tolerated.
Rule 7: There are always (at least) two sides to an argument. Try to see them. Don't be stupid, stupid.
Rule 8: The working language of the mod is English. On some threads, we will specifically allow other languages.
Rule 9: Moderators will enforce the rules at their own discretion.
Rule 10: Never question moderation actions, no matter if they are taken against you or against others.

Should one of these rules be breached, the moderators are free to take whatever actions they hold necessary. Removing replies, banning users, locking threads is all in the area of possibility.



National Focuses: An overhauled generic National Focus. Unique focuses for the United States, China, Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, France and Italy.
Ideologies: A twelve-ideology system: Fascism, Nationalism, Monarchism, Reactionary Democracy, Conservatism, Libertarianism, Social Liberalism, Social Democracy, Progressivism, Socialism and Communism.
Technology: Several new tech trees to adapt to the modern era.
Events: Dozens of events, some related to the custom National Focus Trees, other as narrative or gameplay changers.
OOBs: Armies ~99%, Air Force ~70%, Navies ~70%
Map Overhaul: Wanna play as Liechtenstein, San Marino or Tuvalu? We added new states and provinces to give them to you.



Wanna spice up the game? Try any of these in my trusty collection!

You wanna get your submod added or removed? Just a quick comment onto my profile page and you got it :)
(Note however that I reserve the rights to add and remove submods from the collection at will.)


Friends of the Project:

Project Wilson:
By my good friend Wilf, this is a 1936-based alternate history mod built upon an alternate Treaty of Versailles. It's quite fun, check it out!

Red World:
By my good friend Kaiser1871, this 2010-based spinoff of Millennium Dawn shows a Cold War won by the USSR. Very interesting concept, you gotta play it!

World of the Silent Sun:
An alternate history that, while somewhat unorthodox in its approach, is interesting to play. My buddy Cody runs the show. It's cool, believe me.


And most importantly: Have fun!
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Moritz 12 hours ago 
please do a focus tree for india
[RS]Tactical 14 hours ago 
can you make South America more interesting? maybe a few wars or something. more focus trees idk.
8th | Mathias  [author] 16 hours ago 
@FlintofBavaria as I told Kandari, then all the nations you see at the start of the game as "Nations of interest" is the ones with focuses :)
FlintofBavaria 16 hours ago 
Hey man, do love the mod, but for the purposes of knowing, can the list of nations with focus trees be updated?
8th | Mathias  [author] 16 hours ago 
@Serbon honestly not sure where you got that idea...

@RealKandari as you open up the game, then all "Nations of interest" you see has focuses :)
RealKandari 17 hours ago 
Is there a list for all the nation's with unique focuses?
Flag Guy Walcy  [author] 19 hours ago 
@Serbon Even is welcome, we don't judge, all we hope is your follow from our rules and treat everyone equally.

Treat others how you want to be treated.
Serbonϟϟ 19 hours ago 
Why the fuck are Communists and Democrats welcome in the comment section but Fascists are not?
StarFire118 Nov 21 @ 11:22pm 
Poland fighters are still interwar fighter models
WhitWHit Nov 21 @ 6:14pm 
I noticed that researchable tech that have a underscore _ in the name won't show effects or lack of effects eg. +2% movement or
equipment/tanks etc.... can't be made due to the underscore but future tech that doesn't have a underscore _ can be made and equipped to current army. Is this a bug?