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crCTI Proman
This Modification is a two-in-one package.
The Mission itself comes with own addons which are mostly tailormade for it.
It`s real, its`s deep and it`s hard as hell, on either MP or SP, on PvP, PVE or Coop.

Play with others or with your team, alone or against others or the AI, whatever you prefer.
It'll always be a 12 vs 12.

You need strategy just as first person skills, and teamwork is the key.
Free the map from well armed "terrorists" or enemies and capture their towns to get money & score.
Find the enemy base and destroy it, but at the same time make sure your own is safe.
You can be a Commander of 12 seperate Squads and give each of them orders.
Buy Weapons, Infantry, Cars, APC´s, Tanks, Choppers, Planes, Boats, Statics.
You don`t want that ? Then let the AI do the job. See how they are doing it and learn from them, or just leap into the battlefield with your own squad.A nice selection of great Scripts will serve you well.

A few Features
:-Radar stations for Air, Artillery & Ground radars
-Fully AI performed TransportDuty
-Spying by Satelite
-CommunicationCenter to be connected with all Squads
-Trading money with other human Players
-Unitswitch to spawn into Squadmembers
-and endless more

The Mod includes addons like Walls, Marks, Labels, Objects, Buildings etc.

Missions can be found in "MPmissions" folder inside the mod.
We strive to create our missions on many diffrent terrains, and we always try to add more and improve things.
Thus, the missions and the mod will be continuously updated.

Mods & Dlc´s
:For all missions you will need ArmA3 with all DLC´s
  • 2035 Missions = CBA + PromanA3
  • CUP Missions = CBA + PromanA3 + Complete CUP
  • RHS Missions = CBA + PromanA3 + CUP Terrains + RHUSAF + RHSRF + RHSGREF
  • ZED Missions = CBA + PromanA3 + Complete CUP + Ryan´s Zombies & Deamons

No Server ? No Problem ! 24/7 Server online
Name: [AI] crCTI Proman -

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You are using those files at your own risk.
Author(s) of those files are not liable for any damage or loss of data caused by using of those files.
Usage of those files is also prohibited for any commercial purposes.

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Muecke  [author] Nov 17 @ 6:28am 
which one do you mean Skouda ?
Skouda Nov 16 @ 8:46am 
What this is song please ?
JustSharkbait Nov 9 @ 3:52pm 
Thanks!!! I read the manual and must have read over that. Awesome!!
Muecke  [author] Nov 8 @ 9:48pm 
Yes with just one order. Make a Co point like Co1 and giva a squad order "patrol area" co1. They will even board statics if they find. Look in game at manual (press m) for more info.
JustSharkbait Nov 8 @ 6:27pm 
I found a mod called "Personal Arsenal" that allows you open up the arsenal in game. It works for now as a work a round. Your mod so far has been my favorite of the CTI mods! Thanks for the hard work. Another question I had, is there a way to Auto Man the defenses? i did not see that option.
Muecke  [author] Nov 7 @ 10:46am 
Its possible by script a new one but much work. Someone should do it....
JustSharkbait Nov 7 @ 8:00am 
Is there anyway to change the Arsenal instead of it just being a list of guns and gear? it is really hard to sort through all of it.
Muecke  [author] Oct 2 @ 11:34pm 
So siehts aus Blacky. ;)
Blackland Oct 2 @ 12:27pm 
Muecke, weiter so und in Ruhe. ;)
AK007 Sep 13 @ 3:52am