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Jun 5, 2016 @ 1:54am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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crCTI Proman
This Modification is a two-in-one package.
The Mission itself comes with own addons which are mostly tailormade for it.
It`s real, its`s deep and it`s hard as hell, on either MP or SP, on PvP, PVE or Coop.

Play with others or with your team, alone or against others or the AI, whatever you prefer.
It'll always be a 12 vs 12.

You need strategy just as first person skills, and teamwork is the key.
Free the map from well armed "terrorists" or enemies and capture their towns to get money & score.
Find the enemy base and destroy it, but at the same time make sure your own is safe.
You can be a Commander of 12 seperate Squads and give each of them orders.
Buy Weapons, Infantry, Cars, APC´s, Tanks, Choppers, Planes, Boats, Statics.
You don`t want that ? Then let the AI do the job. See how they are doing it and learn from them, or just leap into the battlefield with your own squad.A nice selection of great Scripts will serve you well.

A few Features
:-Radar stations for Air, Artillery & Ground radars
-Fully AI performed TransportDuty
-Spying by Satelite
-CommunicationCenter to be connected with all Squads
-Trading money with other human Players
-Unitswitch to spawn into Squadmembers
-and endless more

The Mod includes addons like Walls, Marks, Labels, Objects, Buildings etc.

Missions can be found in "MPmissions" folder inside the mod.
We strive to create our missions on many diffrent terrains, and we always try to add more and improve things.
Thus, the missions and the mod will be continuously updated.

Mods & Dlc´s
:For all missions you will need ArmA3 with all DLC´s
  • 2035 Missions = CBA + PromanA3 + CUP Terrains
  • CUP Missions = CBA + PromanA3 + Complete CUP
  • RHS Missions = CBA + PromanA3 + CUP Terrains + RHUSAF + RHSRF + RHSGREF
  • ZED Missions = CBA + PromanA3 + Complete CUP + Ryan´s Zombies & Deamons

No Server ? No Problem ! 24/7 Server online
Name: [AI] crCTI Proman -

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You are using those files at your own risk.
Author(s) of those files are not liable for any damage or loss of data caused by using of those files.
Usage of those files is also prohibited for any commercial purposes.

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RX-375 "reaper" Jul 21 @ 4:47am 
damn welp best start doing reserch is there a easier tool than tadsat?
Muecke  [author] Jul 21 @ 4:29am 
shuvi dola yes
RX-375 "reaper" Jul 20 @ 11:25am 
i knoow the kb crcti needs a detacadted server is that true here
Muecke  [author] Jun 2 @ 11:38pm 
2035 Missions updated...CUP & RHS development paused. Need to wait till they fix their mods due to the last Tankd DLC.
Juc Apr 25 @ 2:02pm 
@Muecke : thank you, i only found few missions of the list that was able to load angryinsects arma2 serv...:steamsad:
i miss them so much ahah !
Muecke  [author] Apr 24 @ 9:26pm 
Go here Address: Port: 2302
We play 5 years with no tears.


Go here Address: Port: 2302
You can´t compare this mission with others...
Kurt Apr 24 @ 6:58pm 
Can't find any server running this mission, i try to set up a server but client fps was too low people stay 10 minutes and leave because bad frames, server perf was good.
I check the CPU load not more than 50% (for each core). I don't know if A3 engine can't support this mission or you just add script that overload the engine but i remember that mission was working fine on ArrowHead, sad because proman was really fun and the best CTI with Arma2 but not enjoyable in A3.
Deleting all the AI or dead object change nothing on client frame.
Juc Apr 24 @ 6:08pm 
Chan Apr 22 @ 1:58am 
Komme leider einfach nicht klar. Die FPS sinken Serverseitig so tief, dass es unspielbar wird. Selbst mit wenigen AI Einheiten und 3 HC-Client - die so viel wie nichts bringen. Bei UltimateWarfare-RE oder BECTI-Benny-WIP ... läuft der Server mir 3x mehr Ai Einheiten bei +-30 FPS. Was kann ich noch machen, damit es mit AI-Einheiten und anständigen Städtemenge gut läuft?
Muecke  [author] Mar 12 @ 8:01am 
Maltese you need a server to play and the missions can be found inside the modfolder.
I hope this helps...