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Advanced Architecture Mod
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Oct 21, 2015 @ 6:45pm
May 15 @ 3:16pm
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Advanced Architecture Mod

Latest Patch v1.43 5/15/16

mod id #: 539464369

Please note that patching for my mod is on hold while I rebuild the pieces. I waited until I got the last things I had originally needed to finish before starting this process so its time. Over the last two weeks I've slowly reworked everything straight in my mod to get better ending heights. Its tedious work but, so far, the results are great! I also am attempting to get every item added to the extra pickup system so servers can throw that on for a week and let people quickly rebuild their castles if they want to. To those that don't, this patch will affect what you build moving forward, and the new might not snap together correctly with the old. There were inconsistancies and gaps, and still will be, but they will likely just be the other way if you don't rebuild. For most people using the mod is might have little to nothing changing, but for new builds its finally getting where I want it to be. The patch will likely be next Sunday, but that's barring anything out of the ordinary happening in my RL or with the game engine. Thank you for your patience and happy building!

I'm creating a new webpage to get all my info in one place that doesn't have the limitations that Steam discussions have. I'd really like to hear some feedback about what you guys think about the style and content! I'll be finishing the wiki and the blue tab soon and will be updating that page with new items each week. Thank you in advance for any advice/feedback you can give! (Steam is being a jerk and deleting all my wiki links so please copy and paste them but remember to remove the spaces. Sorry about the inconvenience!)

http://hogscrapermods.weebly. com/

Server admins can now change the hitpoints of structures in my mod via ini variable. Please see the link below for more information!


After years of dedicated study at the Royal Academy, your Royal Engineer is finally ready to put his knowledge to work for you! This mod adds one new engram, the Royal Engineer's Workstation. The workstation unlocks at level 40 and comes with a complete set of blueprints for all included castle pieces. This mod now has the Portable Workstation that allows usage with engrams for a more organized crafting experience:)

Advanced Architecture Mod is designed as end game content for tribes. The material requirements of each piece are multiples of what their original Ark equivalent would cost but they are much more massive. One Castle Wall on top of a Castle Foundation will reach as high as a Thatch Foundation with five walls on top! If you're looking to play this alone or with a small group of friends, there is a Single Player version in the works that will have reduced materials costs and all engrams left in the list for easy admin building.

This mod also re-introduces an old concept; Its good to be the king, (or queen!). So trifling things like paying for choices have been left to the plebs. With your vast resources you can create collections of items instead of just one. I call this the Color Cycling System and the CCS works with several pieces in my mod. This system allows you to dynamically cycle through available materials until you find the one that best suits your castle's style.

There are currently over 100 new structures added to the game with this mod and they can all be crafted inside the Royal Engineer's Workstation, (which unlocks at level 40).
Castle Foundation
Straight and Curved Walls, (over 1 dozen total)
Multiple ceilings
Multiple Flooring options
Decorations - Braziers/Sconces
Basic Throne

Most structures can be dyed in this mod. The battlements had to be all or nothing so the wood and stone will both be dyed at the same time.

Please see these resources for more detailed information on the structures and for upcoming information:

Patch Notes Thread: Check out this thread if you want to see recent changes or if you want to know what's coming in the next patch.

Spawn Commands including admin box:

Item Desciption List:

Engram Overrides:
http://hogscrapermods.weebly. com/engram-overrides.html

Admin resource for changing the health values of my mod's pieces.
http://hogscrapermods.weebly. com/changing-health-values.html

Showcase video :

Thank you to everyone who has helped so far with testing! Your input has been invaluable in keeping the loose ends from overwhelming me and getting overlooked. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments for this mod. I look forward to what this mod can eventually become!

I made a new discussion for topics that you guys have been talking about in these discussions and its intended to find out what the majority of you want for certain aspects of my mod! The discussion will be open until next weekend so speak up if you feel strongly! The items in question are doors and the direction they swing and whether or not you can dye the granite surrounds on entryways and windows. Thanks everyone!

If you like what I've created and want to help me build a new PC to work on, please click this link!

Paypal Donation []
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hogs  [author] 18 minutes ago 
@Fly: FYI, the Castle Wall doesn't have a foundation check in it. I did that just to alleviate those issues for walls, but for battlements and others it can cause issues. Sometimes when the foundation is too close to the ground, the game checks from the bottom of the map instead of the ground level and it thinks there isn't a foundation. Not sure if that applies but it does seem to happen much, much more frequently on custom maps. I think since Wildcard never bothered to document the dev kit most people just plod on until something works and I imagine there are lots of things we're all missing that could be causing some of these types of issues.
Fly 57 minutes ago 
Hi Hogs i liogged out for this evening but tomororw i will do the full test again lol it very weird i removed the windows from the castle to test it further though and then i suddenly could not place them back so now i have one corner of my castle saying thier si no foundation support and here is the funny part but i could put walls back instead of windows and still not be able to place the ceiling back so it is deffinetly the map but i will do alot of screenies for it tomorrow. I am using the castle foundation and it is diffently notthing wrong with it .i even rremoved it and then replaced it to test .i built on the floating island so i think maybe the cavenr underneath might be causing the intermittient problems
hogs  [author] 1 hour ago 
@Darth Nox: I will be adding an ini option for those that want metal tier, but honestly you're just breaking any chance for pvp on your server if you use that. My walls have 100,000 health, and if your server has default values that's near a dozen rockets to break one with foundation having 150,000 hits. When I tested it, your Bronto might be able to carry everything you would need to bring one down if they were metal tier. If you have rates turned up or if gigas are plaguing you, you might want to first play around with increasing the health value and see if that helps.
hogs  [author] 1 hour ago 
@Fly: Sadly I keep getting more and more reports of things breaking or acting broken while playing on The Center. I have some bug reports to pass along to them and we will see what they know. Could you post a pic of that exact situation from the outside looking in? What foundations are you using?

@Reaper777: Thank you very much! I'm currently working on standardizing everything in my mod. Its been a long process but many things were done incorrectly when I first started this mod last year and I wanted to finally get everything where it needs to be. Once that proess is finished I will be starting another round of variations and decorative walls/inserts is one of the first things I want to do. Thank you again!
hogs  [author] 1 hour ago 
@DruidsFlame: Pickups are mostly finished but will require the server admin to add a line to their gameusersettings.ini once I get that patch out. As for your snap troubles, there are no issues with my snap points other than they work differently than Ark pieces which means they are not what most players expect. You generally need to move around the piece to find the snap since they are as big as the vanilla snap radii but the piece is four times larger so they get lost in the piece sometimes. If Wildcard ever releases any sort of documentation on anything relating to the dev kit I might be able to model my system after theirs, but as it stands, everything I have is custom.

Darth Nox 2 hours ago 
This is a great mod and I love what you can do with it. A couple friends and I were wondering if there were any plans to make a metal version of this or if these buildings have the same strength and resistances that having a metal base provides?
Reaper777 4 hours ago 
Your a genius, thanks for the great mod. We would love to see more added to this. incl. more flooring,wall textures,paintings,furniture options. Donation coming your way :D
Fly 4 hours ago 
Hi Hogs i think this might be something to do with the map.after removing another ceiling i am gettting no foundation support errors trying to place it back.I am about to reboot the server and see if helps although it should not make a difference but still worht a try hahaha
Fly 5 hours ago 
Hi Hogs i thought it might be a wall or a ceiling possibly causing it but the inside corner parts snap perfect but when i try and snap the other corner part next to it it just out one wall width from the ataul wall.i did test trying to recess the wall on the foundation and also placing without a cieling on but same issue witht he could be just this map becuase i did not get these problems on the island map or maybe thier is something different in the build and i have not worked it out.i will test some more maybe cieling direction is the last thing i can think are welcome to hop on my private server anytime if you ever need to test something on the center map :)
DruidsFlame 18 hours ago 
With the horrible and almost always against you snapping this mod has, all items should be able to be picked up. This is just a waste of material now, I have tried to place a curved fortress gateway 7 times and every time it shows as good and then last second snaps to the opposite position.